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LIVING WITH VITALITY USING AYURVEDA WISDOM. Bookmark it ... And more… with Acharya Shunya and her new book, 'Ayurveda Lifestyle. Wisdom: A ... about easy Ayurvedic lifestyle tips so that we can live with vitality and ease. 0:33:24.3 ...

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This Show’s Description: In this powerful interview, we welcome back to The Autoimmune Hour, Ayurveda expert Acharya Shunya. She is a gifted healer who brings ancient wisdoms into this world so we can all understand and benefit. We will discover: © 2017 The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio, Sharon Sayler www.LifeInterruptedRadio.com Page 1 of 25

Powerful and simple to implement tips for creating vitality every day

How to trust your self and know the sounds of others from your inner voice

What is radical love, and radical acceptance

And more… with Acharya Shunya and her new book, ‘Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom: A Complete Prescription to Optimize Your Health, Prevent Disease, and Live with Vitality and Joy.’ Find out more about the book and Acharya Shunya at http://www.acharyashunya.com/ In this informative interview, Acharya Shunya provides us with an understanding of how to transform your health, emotional and mental outlook with this ancient wisdom. Interview Highlights: 0:01:30.6 First off, Acharya shares her journey as she struggled through an autoimmune condition in her youth to who she is now ─ “a healer, a teacher, a giver of hope.” She talks about her passion and motivation ─ Ayurveda, the sciences of yoga and Vedanta ─ what they are and what they can do for us. 0:13:56.6 Now, they delve deeper into the moments when one knows who she or he is, the mission and the purpose ─ how it happens that we are that sovereign, boundless, inexhaustible source of joy, energy, and bliss. 0:19:48.3 At this point, the conversation flows into the spiritual realm ─ how to trust ourselves, that place of knowing if we’re getting the correct guidance from within. 0:24:57.1 From the “profound” to the “simple,” now, they begin chatting about easy Ayurvedic lifestyle tips so that we can live with vitality and ease. 0:33:24.3 And then, they talk about how powerfully healing connection can be ─ “with each other, with people, with communities, with art, culture, and the subtle elements of the wind, earth, and fire.” 0:47:05.4 Finally, she tells the listeners about her wisdom school known as Vedica Globan, her book Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom: A Complete Prescription to Optimize Your Health, Prevent Disease, and Live with Vitality and Joy and where to get it. One can also study with her from anywhere in the world through online teaching options.

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Listen to the podcast at http://www.lifeinterruptedradio.com/AyurvedaWisdom Don’t forget to rate this podcast on iTunes. Please share your key takeaway or the bit of advice that stood out for you by commenting on Facebook www.facebook.com/LifeInterruptedRadio/ or tweeting me @SSAYLER with the hashtag #LIR. It's time for The Autoimmune Hour on Life Uninterrupted Radio, a show dedicated to practical skills for your mind, body, and soul. We're hoping we'll go in one ear and stay there. Here's the host of the show, Sharon Sayler. SHARON SAYLER: ─ today’s expert guest because she is just a beautiful person. We've had her on before and I invited her back to talk about all things autoimmune because she really knows a lot. We're just going to go wherever the conversation leads and I just bless her for being so open and being able to share. Let's just go for the questions as they come. Her name is Acharya Shunya and she is one of the extraordinary teachers of the living embodied wisdom of Ayurveda. She transmits it through the roots of her ancient family lineage. She has a brand new book. We've talked about her book before but I am such a huge fan of her book. It's called “Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom: A Complete Prescription to Optimize Your Health, Prevent Disease, and Live with Vitality and Joy.” She just brings so much joy into our lives here at The Autoimmune Hour. I had to have her back. Welcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to be back on the show. ACHARYA SHUNYA: It's such a pleasure to be talking again to you, Sharon. I do remember how much we've connected last time. And then, we've kept talking afterward even when the show was over. SHARON: Absolutely! And that's what I just love and I said we've got to have you back. I thought today would be sort of like a pick-your-brain day because there are so many questions that have popped up for me since our last chat. First, share with the audience your own journey because I know you've struggled with some health conditions as well. © 2017 The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio, Sharon Sayler www.LifeInterruptedRadio.com Page 3 of 25

ACHARYA: I was fine until about the age of 13 or 14. And then, I started having pain, first, in my lower back; and the, the pain was everywhere. I couldn't even move my fingers. I couldn't walk. I had severe inflammation. Western medicine was not my go-to medicine because I was born in a traditional family. It was many years later that I found out that I have genetic aberration. I have an autoimmune condition. My immune system likes to attack my own body. That was interesting. On the other side, I was young. I was just blossoming and budding into my youth; and to not be able to walk or to have so much pain or to not have a normal life as I stepped into young womanhood was devastating for me both physically, of course, and emotionally. I had low self-esteem and depression because of that. But, thankfully, we're going to talk about the hope and happiness and solutions here and not just about the sorrows because I think, now, many years later, I know that that was an opportunity for me to step into who I am today ─ a healer, a teacher, a giver of hope. If I hadn’t experienced the pain and the disability for myself, I really wouldn't have followed this path and would have probably done something my family did. They never forced me, of course, to be who I am but it became my vocation, my passion, and my motivation to share about Ayurveda and not only Ayurveda but the sciences of yoga and Vedanta which is a spirituality that connects us to a universal consciousness if I hadn’t benefited from the practices that we can talk about today ─ eating foods that counter inflammation and eating super foods that, actually, support my immune system in the right way intelligence, not the wrong way intelligence and not attacking crazily my own body but really protecting and supporting me. Ayurveda actually rescued me in the beginning and so did the art of yoga and then the spirituality from India ─ Vedanta ─ which explained to me that everything is an opportunity. And here I am talking to you, Sharon, feeling quite good about my life. SHARON: We've traveled a similar path even though we came from very different cultures. Mine started when I was 16. I didn't know it was an © 2017 The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio, Sharon Sayler www.LifeInterruptedRadio.com Page 4 of 25

autoimmune back then; no one told me. It was only recently somebody said, “Sharon, you know that's an autoimmune condition.” I said, “No one ever told me. Isn’t that surprising?” I heard you say one thing that I think I've heard a number of people who go through any sort of chronic condition say, and that is that it's either led them into a work they're passionate about or it's changed their lives in some way that they know what their mission is. And it is always fascinating when I hear people say that because, for me, absolutely, with the Autoimmune Hour, a lot of people know that this isn’t my day job. I do corporate training and communications and I'm a top body language expert. But when I got sick, I was so frustrated with what I found out that I would say that when you're very, very sick ─ and I was thrown right into what I'll call the “white-coat authority” ─ you're not really strong enough to do a lot of critical thinking at that time about “What is really going on here?” And that's what I want to talk to you about today. How do we bring in other ways of healing? That's a huge question there. Let's just talk a little bit about some things that Ayurveda can do for us. ACHARYA: We always have choices. I'm sure a lot of our listeners have tuned in because they have this condition. And when they hear honest, truthful, genuine conversations between two souls who are really fully presenting themselves in all their vulnerability, then, I hope that they will not only explore what I have to say ─ some other options that have been around for thousands of years, and they work ─ but they will actually let go of any kind of authority that talks down to them and tells them what they should think and how they should feel and how they should suppress their pain. SHARON: Bravo! ACHARYA: Thank you! In my journey of recovering from my pain and inflammation, I'm going to start at the deep end here because when you were talking about how we had similar journeys, you evoked something in me and I had to hold my heart there. So I'm just going to jump in to tell you that one of my understandings has been because Ayurveda, the system of healing from India says you're not just your physical body and you're not this mind and they don't talk to each other but you are body and mind; and the mind is both an intellectual thinking apparatus and an emotional feeling © 2017 The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio, Sharon Sayler www.LifeInterruptedRadio.com Page 5 of 25

apparatus plus it has memories not only from this lifetime but several lifetimes. So it's a pretty busy equipment that we have. And all of this comes together to create you. So look at all these areas for the pain. And one of the realizations that I came upon in my thirties ─ not when I was thirteen or twenty-three ─ is that I don't like myself. And I had given myself up to all kinds of unconscious rules in my life ─ the authority figures, and society can be one such authority ─ and various other characters. I had to begin looking at why I was attacking myself and I'm not trying to go into some voo-voo land here, but I really had to say that if my immune system is attacking me, if I have the problem, I have the solution ─ period. And this is a teaching I got from Ayurveda and the greater Vedic wisdom. I am the solution. I started offering myself radical acceptance, radical love. And as I've done this, I can lift my arm. It's like my life has just started changing. Since you bring up the white coat-authority syndrome, I think that triggered in me that I only bow to God. SHARON: I love that. I love this idea of radical love and radical acceptance. Let's dive deeper into that because I think whether we have an autoimmune or not, there are a lot of people walking around who are constantly beating themselves up for a variety of reasons. What were your first steps when you came to the realization that, okay, it's time? ACHARYA: First, I had to acknowledge that I am in a subservient situation and it is not my nature. The Vedic system of India which is known as the Vedas, the eastern philosophy of India, teaches us the unique word called “dharma.” Dharma can be defined as righteousness, nobleness, and harmony. But, actually, dharma means that essence of what makes us “us.” So if the sun gave up its heat and fire, it could no longer be the sun. It would be a cold and pathetic body of something hanging out in the Milky Way. Because it's radiant and fiery, because it dares to do that, it is the sun. And so, Ayurveda reminds us that we're actually sovereign beings and we are not meant for emotional or other servitude; and we are here to truly © 2017 The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio, Sharon Sayler www.LifeInterruptedRadio.com Page 6 of 25

explore life, enjoy ourselves, do our duties, and love, engage, and then, move on. As I started learning this, I, first, had to acknowledge that I have, unconsciously or consciously, accepted authority ─ authorities of men over my being like a husband. I am happily married, by the way. But this marriage is coming not from servitude but from equality. See what I mean? SHARON: Right! ACHARYA: So I had to work at it. I had to work at not other people enslaving me. But I had given up my power. That's number one. So we can say you enslaved me and the other is “Wait a minute! I gave up my power.” That's another thing. Number two: I did some exercises like ─ if I were talking to you and I started feeling smaller than you, I would step back and see myself as big as the universe which kind of puts things in perspective. I would get really big as the whole universe, and then I could talk to you more than an equal. I could just be myself in a spontaneous way. That's one thing. I did some of these exercises ─ and mostly knowledge where I knew that every blade of grass is sovereign and powerful. So I have no business feeling small at this point. And your big reason, your majestic home, and your beautiful body are good karmic gifts for you. Enjoy them. I'm completing myself. It is an understanding. Thirdly, they're just making this a very important value ─ sovereignty, power. And then, I would not negotiate on that and, gradually, it feels like my immune system really likes me now. I don't know if this helps because I could go on and on, but I'm just having this really out-of-the-box conversation with an out-of-the-box woman. SHARON: That's what I love about our conversations. We need to take a quick commercial break. We'll be back in just a couple of minutes with Acharya Sunya.

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As you could tell, we just love going everywhere. I want to talk to her about some of the things she said ─ stepping into who she was. I think that's really critical and we'll talk about how we do that because, for me, a turning point in my healing was when I changed the mind and the thinking of some of the stories I was telling myself. We'll be right back. (commercial break) Welcome, everyone, to The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio. I'm your host, Sharon Sayler from sharonsayler.com. We're here with Acharya Shunya. She is just an extraordinary woman and an amazing teacher who is just a living embodiment of Ayurveda. Before we had to take a quick commercial break, we were talking about things that are really profound. Your third step is where you are able to shift your mind and say, “No. I am this. I am that” ─ whatever it is. “I am sovereign. I am here. I have an important mission to pursue.” And I think a lot of people miss that point. How does it happen? For me, it was almost like an awakening. It was a moment where I had an exchange with someone; and, for whatever reason, I asserted my power and my authority at that moment. I was in my early thirties as well. And that's when it snapped into position like “What have I been doing all this time?” So let's talk a little bit 0:13:56.6 about those moments where we're able to say, “Hey, I am what I am and I am solid and knowing and I do have a mission and a purpose.” ACHARYA: The Vedas, this body of spiritual wisdom from India, from which Ayurveda comes forward says that we are that sovereign, boundless, inexhaustible source of joy, energy, and bliss. It declares very boldly that we can worship God anywhere in any form but that God also dwells in our hearts. How do you want your God to be treated? How do you want the God to eat? How do you want the God to sleep? How do you want to clothe your God? These are very profound. And even though I listen to these teachings from the mouth of my amazing gentle guru, my teacher, and my grandfather

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whom I love and whom we call “Baba” in the book, we all do that. We carry our personal ignorance around like a favorite comfort blanket. And so, my beautiful blanket was that I'm small and broken. I need other people to fill me up ─ as we all do. All those things sound good but they don't mean anything to me. They're wonderful. They sound wonderful. And I was so young. But, then, that didn't work for me ─ being small ─ because that is going against the truth that I'm amazingly big. So it didn't work to be ashamed and apologetic beyond a point because the fact is that we are all here to learn and there is no judgment here. If we don't want judgment for others, we definitely don't want to judge ourselves because, again, the Vedas said that. So how can I be goody goody to the world out there in the name of religion or spirituality but not be good enough to me. It's a radical one. And “radical” seems to be my favorite word this morning. And dharma also includes a sense of responsibility or accountability towards the universe, towards other beings, other creatures, and other nature. So when I look at myself today, Sharon ─ and to all the listeners ─ I'm not just somebody tooting my horn, sitting there, and being filled with my own ego trip power. I am a responsible mother, wife, teacher, cousin, citizen, pet owner, and gardener. I look after every “beetle” in my home. I have sensitivity. I have compassion. And I do my part. After that, stuff happens. Mistakes can occur but not from a conscious space. And so, I do my part; and then, I rest; and then, I acknowledge that I'm a divine being trying to do my part. So there is some accountability and responsibility which is of a dharmic or ethical nature; and the more I do that, the more I do my part in alignment with the cosmos ─ not just my small self but the cosmos, not just with my Indian self. I'm not another leader of women power. I'm a leader for consciousness and I believe we do our part and when we do our part, we are supported and we can just flow. © 2017 The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio, Sharon Sayler www.LifeInterruptedRadio.com Page 9 of 25

And have I become so esoteric ─ or could I explain myself to you? I wonder. SHARON: Yes. That's wonderful because I think a lot of people get too caught up in the judgments of how we are supposed to be. And those are imposed on us from someplace else. And I love your explanation of a bigger, more enlightened way to look at how we enter in and how we engage. And I don't want to use “supposed to be” either because the word “suppose” is a little judgmental. But it's being able to have the power and the wisdom to step outside of all those preconceived notions of how we're supposed to be ─ whatever that is ─ and being able to step into it. One of the things that helped my healing a lot was not only accepting who I am and what I'm here for and understanding that but also having the courage to give voice to that. I know that you are just a powerhouse in giving voice to having people have their own courage behind it because, to me, it's really important for people to speak up. And one of the things I hear a lot is people saying regardless of what is ─ maybe it's a well-meaning friend or a medical professional, “You need to do X.” But you are all about trusting that place within us that tells us whether that particular thing at that moment ─ which may be very valid in some circumstances ─ is right for us. How do we know how to trust ourselves? We're getting quite spiritual here but when I have you, I just love to go into this deep spiritual conversation about that place of knowing. And then, if we've never used it before, how do we trust it? ACHARYA: I'm glad you asked me that question because it's pivotal. It's question of trusting others ─ they must be knowing more ─ or trusting ourselves. And how do we know if we're getting the correct guidance from within? For that, it's a two-step process and I'm talking like I know it but I just see it and I just put the number on two. I think the first one is quieting some of the noises like voluntarily not gossiping; voluntarily switching off the television; on a voluntarily basis, just © 2017 The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio, Sharon Sayler www.LifeInterruptedRadio.com Page 10 of 25

closing the eyes for a minute or taking a stroll in nature. That quiets the mind from the superficial noises. It's not always reading every magazine and every book out there because those are more sounds of others. I did go through a period where I was a soccer mom and a healer and a teacher and spiritual guru. But I was still going inward. It's like I have some inner voices that I want to listen to before I read one more book. But I hope people read my book. But it's like after you have some inward movement ─ not just reading book after book after book to figure out what to think. So go inward. And then, once you're inward, there's a persistent silent inner guidance that has been with you since you were age two or three or even when you were born ─ you just don't remember ─ and it says, “Do this. Don't do that. Forget that person. Let it go. Drop it. Don't eat that extra pie. You don't need it.” Start listening to it. And as you listen to it, the clue is, “Are you listening to yourself or did you make it up?” If you become restful, more quieted, and more peaceful inward, you can then trust it for more. If you become more agitated and crazy and you want to pick up a gun and shoot everyone and, as a result, you land up in the jail or you become more anxious, paranoid, or schizophrenic, obviously, that's a hallucination. But the inner voice is peaceful and very profound ─ and it has no enemies. It doesn't want to prove a point. It's not a voice of ego. It's the voice of at your dad or cousin or your neighbor but the inner voice will say, “They don't know any better. They're not evil. They're ignorant.” SHARON: I love that. It doesn't have to prove a point. To me, it's a critical thing that you said that. I want to reiterate the idea of “How do you know it's your voice, your spirit telling you something?” and that it doesn't have to prove a point. A very profound part of that is when I learned to discern “Is this someone else’s voice in my head whether it's someone I know or not ─ it could be a television commercial or whatever it is ─ or is it my inner knowing?” And I didn't ever discern that until just now. And I want to reiterate it because when I heard it, I went “Yes! That's one of the answers.”

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I know we go down rabbit holes, everybody, but when we're together, I just love it. We need to take another quick commercial break and when we come back, we're going to get more into the physical part of understanding how we can live with vitality and understanding some of the lifestyle changes we can make using Ayurveda that are simple and easy. Last time she was on, she told me about turmeric. And that changed a lot. So we're going to get into some great tips about living with vitality right after this quick commercial break because we've talked about our mindset I feel that we're ready to move into “Okay, now, let's begin to integrate it into our lifestyle as well.” We'll be right back. (commercial break) Welcome back, everyone, to The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio. I'm your host, Sharon Sayler from sharonsayler.com. Today, we've been talking to the very wise Acharya Shunya. She is the author of the Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom: A Complete Prescription to Optimize Your Health, Prevent Disease, and Live with Vitality and Joy. She's just an extraordinary teacher that we have access to about all things Ayurveda and much, much more. You've probably heard, so far, that she's just wise, wise, wise. And I just love all of the insights that I get when I chat with her. First, we were talking a little bit about mindset and courage and being able to know who we are and stand up for ourselves during this time. Now, we want to get into some of the lifestyle tips, too, because, in the last show, you shared some that I've implemented and have just had amazing profound effects. And they were so easy to implement. It wasn’t like, “Sharon, go run a marathon.” Absolutely not! They were just easy to implement. The one that I tried first and it just spurred me on to more was just that lit bit of turmeric in the morning. Let's chat about all these simple little things that you can do that can lead to ease and a lifestyle of vitality.

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ACHARYA: I would like to offer something for the autoimmune condition to keep up with the theme that we began around what I felt was like standing for ourselves and loving ourselves more. I feel that one way we can demonstrate that to ourselves is by offering ourselves the following things: One is pure foods ─ and as pure as they can be and, ideally, seasonal. Mother Nature is very intelligent and when she chooses to grow certain foods in a certain season and not in another season, there's a reason for it. So we should eat seasonal foods in the season that we live in, not because they're imported from another season in another part of the hemisphere. That's one thing. SHARON: Good point! ACHARYA: We should what micro-climate with live in. It's easy to look up which climate I'll be in ─ fall, summer, late winter, early winter ─ and then, I hope that if our listeners do explore my book, Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom, they can just turn the page to a certain season or diet; and then, no matter what cuisine you're eating ─ Alaskan food, Chinese food, Indian food, American food ─ just try to incorporate those seasonal foods. It's easy to do. You don't have to change anything else. But if it's says “more greens” in a certain season, go for it. And what you will find is that your overall health that year keeps improving; and then, you don't age that fast; and many small aches, pains, colds, coughs, allergies, fever, ear infections, bronchitis will just disappear. It has a purpose that I have my wisdom school, Vedika Global, in California for ten years. We're on our tenth year. And I've not had to take a single day off because of some seasonal cold, cough, flu, or fever. SHARON: Fantastic! ACHARYA: This diet is not something I discovered. It's been known for thousands of years by the sages and they've shared it. And I just made sure that I can communicate it because communication is important for Sharon. I'm glad. That's why we're having such a fun time. I actually tried to my readers right here in America where I live and work. That's one thing. And then, get some rest. It's really important to sleep by 10 p.m. and wake up as early as we want but no later than 6 a.m. © 2017 The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio, Sharon Sayler www.LifeInterruptedRadio.com Page 13 of 25

This may sound very surprising. SHARON: I haven't heard it said that way. ACHARYA: Recently, I found a lot of research saying that our sleep cycle ─ if we stay up late and don't wake up early enough ─ actually affects our liver SPAT and it disturbs our deeper systemic metabolism at the organ level. So it is collaborating what Ayurveda has been saying all along and I really say that if you sleep by 10 and wake up by 6 a.m ─ or earlier but no later ─ you actually allow your entire body and its circadian rhythm to stay in order. So I'm hoping that after listening to this, people will follow suit or read my book on sleep and make some changes. I protect my sleep time ─ period. I protect it so, then, my inflammation, my immunity, and everything is working at an optimal level. Sharon, have you ever had some insights into how your sleep is affecting your challenge, for example? SHARON: Absolutely! Last time we chatted, you said, “Set a bedtime and stick to it.” I remember that. And when I did set a bedtime ─ because I still have difficulty falling asleep; I still have to work at calming my mind and meditating before I go to sleep ─ Earlier though, when the illness was at its height, I think staying asleep was difficult. I would wake up in some pain and things like that. Those are the two things I find about the sleep with an autoimmune condition. It's usually falling asleep. ACHARYA: There is a recipe that I've shared in the book. I prefer using cow milk for the recipe. For those who do not wish to drink for ethical reasons can also go for almond milk. We boil a cup of milk and we bring it to a hot, boiling point. And then, I would suggest you add some nutmeg powder ─ a good half teaspoon of it ─ or grate some fresh nutmeg on it and also add some organic cane sugar and some cardamom powder for fragrance, if you have it. Drink this milk when you're going to bed before you brush your teeth. This milk will help you sleep quickly and have a sound sleep. So maybe next time we talk, you can tell me if this recipe worked for you. And it's also in the book.

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SHARON: Absolutely! I will try it. And I just want to point out that when we're talking “almond milk,” we're talking about raw, homemade type of almond milk, not this stuff that when you read the back looks like processed food. ACHARYA: Absolutely! And you can find any YouTube video to tell you how to do it. It's very easy. There is nothing artificial in Ayurveda. And why would you what do that? That's not the way to love yourself. So food and good sleep ─ and the third one is sex, Sharon. Interesting, right? Shall I jump into it? SHARON: Absolutely! Let's go for it. ACHARYA: I love it. The texts and scriptures of Ayurveda from thousands of years ago talk about willingness to have sex only with someone who respects us ─ so, again, more empowerment for men and women ─ and withdraw sexual engagement if you feel emotionally undervalued. I think we give away some part of ourselves when we engage in intimacy without the respect and the due spiritual reverence that goes with it. That's fascinating. SHARON: I'm so glad you bring up making sure that it's a mutually respectful connection that you have with an intimate partner because I think, too often, it gets back to this radical love of ourselves. Too often, we give the most powerful parts of ourselves away. Recently, I was reading about a study that was fascinating to me because, oftentimes, with autoimmune, that intimate part of our life becomes more difficult or challenging. The study was talking about the power of what I'll call “connection” where even if it’s not in a sexual intimate way, you can still have very intimate connections with people including friends like you and I who, at a distance, can be very intimately involved as well as my neighbors and friends here and how powerful and healing that connection can be. Let's chat a little bit about moving past that sex and intimate part and talking about the greater scope of how powerfully healing connection can be. ACHARYA: Yes. And the system of yoga from India which is a sister science of Ayurveda has talked about the sexual energy not just being in the sexual organ of the male and the female for the human beings ─ and all living © 2017 The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio, Sharon Sayler www.LifeInterruptedRadio.com Page 15 of 25

beings ─ but actually it lives in each and every cell; and then, the energy can actually move upwards. So there these seven chakras and it can move from the lower chakra to higher and higher chakras. When it comes to your heart area, your heart opens. When it travels to your, you become so creative; and when it travels up the way to your seventh chakra ─ to your crown chakra (chakra is like a spiritual center) ─ you have a grand spiritual awakening. And when I mean, “grand,” it's grand enough for us to connect with the. We have the understanding of the inherent connections. We don't look or behave differently, but we experience this sense of unity and oneness and an inherent compassion for all beings because we are vibrating here and not just there where we need actually a physical contact of a few minutes to feel that oneness for when the sexual energy or the energy period has reached here ─ which is sexual but also spiritual ─ it creates an ongoing union. Isn’t that fascinating? I felt “wow!” And that is why many great spiritual beings whose sexual energy has gone inwards will have beautiful connections ─ as you've said ─ with each other, with people, with communities, with art, culture, and the subtle elements of the wind, earth, and fire. And there is no reason ─ if age has moved along and we don't have a sexual partner or because we have a body that is not supportive of intimacy ─ to stop having connection. Thank you for bringing that up. I think the whole universe is sexual. SHARON: Exactly! I wanted to bring that up because I think there are times in our healing process where it's just not feasible from a physical standpoint. But it's still not to give that up and if you're lucky enough to have an intimate partner, there are plenty of ways to maintain that connection while you're going through the healing process. I think that's critically important for people to know because, as you know, it can feel kind of lonely when you're not feeling good. You're thinking about yourself a lot with aches and pains here and there. You tend to get sort of drawn inward and it can feel a little lonely if you're not careful.

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ACHARYA: Once again, Ayurveda says that when we are going through this difficult period, what they want to believe is that they may not be able to address the pain right away. But can we enhance the well-being? So one of the things we could do is ─ after shower ─ to dress up in your nice clothes. should be clean and beautiful. And so, as much as possible, I try to have a wardrobe that I keep and only my dog really sees it. And that's fine with me. And my garden ─ I'm roaming around with my water hose in my nicer clothes. They may not be very expensive but they are clean and they're bright-colored or whatever colors are fancy and they give us happiness. Ayurveda talks about bells and sounds in the background while you're eating with fine cutlery every day; Ayurveda talks about perfumes and wearing flowers in their hair. Are you medicine? Are you just teaching us how to pamper ourselves? But no matter what they're dealing with especially if they're dealing with a chronic autoimmune condition, it comes again and again in different ways to show love to ourselves. In my belief, I had decided that I'm not lovable and I don't know if it was a past life or it was something that happened to me but it happened and I need to, now, acknowledge that and really be in a loving relationship with my smaller self, my day-to-day struggling self. I feel it's profound that an Eastern system of medicine could talk about wellbeing; and, now, everybody talks about well-being. SHARON: I love bringing the ancient wisdoms because they've been around for thousands and thousands of years ─ for a reason: It's because they work. I love your idea. Recently, I was at a reused store, a recycle type of store. And they had a beautiful set of china. And I snapped it up. It was a really very reasonable price and it felt good. It was so much fun to eat with it. It's beautiful. It's very brightly colored. I felt very special eating from them. And it was a profound moment for me to understand, gosh, it's not just the quality of the food but it's the mood that you're setting, too. It's the environment that you're setting with the food.

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ACHARYA: I talk about all of this in my chapter on food. I go on and on and do it because I feel like, over the years at my foundation Vedeka Global, we've come across thousands of people who are suffering from chronic digestive pain or ulcerative colitis or other autoimmune conditions; and they put that condition aside for a little bit and we teach them this way of life which is artful, beautiful, indulgent, and connected to nature and her rhythm. And, every time, we have found a radical improvement in even the blood tests and other symptoms. I guess, that's why I've become a little confident around everything. And my book came after almost two and a half decades of experimenting with it and, again and again, seeing the results. It was not something I learned and then I wanted to write a book. It was like I saw it changed my life; I saw it change countless lives; and I knew that Ayurveda was functioning at a fundamental truth’s level. And that had authority to us to plant the garden of health in our lives the way we want to do it ─ one change at a time, one cutlery at a time. It sounds so simple but it's so profound. SHARON: It was for me. It's interesting that you also mentioned about clothing. This is strange. My particular condition involves the skin. And so, I did have a lot of very sensitive skin rashes and things like that through the healing process for a while; and it was difficult to actually even wear clothes, let alone feel like you wanted to dress up. But I did find that even though I went for the more comfy clothes, the brighter the color, the more sassy the color, the better I felt even though, in all honestly, a lot of them were knitwear or something that I could wear on my very sensitive skin. As you were saying, it doesn't have to be couture types of things to make you feel good. The other thing I was able to wear was a lot of bright colorful scarves. There was something about those sorts of things that lifted my spirit. It gave me moments of fun throughout the whole process which, I think, we often overlook as we're healing. ACHARYA: Yes. I'm a spiritual teacher and I have many disciples and I'm a guru to them. We believe in simple living and high thinking but I remember telling this one disciple of mine, “Can you go and buy a red dress? Can you wear a red lipstick?” and she was shocked.

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“You need red because you need some energy, my dear. You're gone on the other side. Get rid of that black jacket, black trousers, and black everything. I love black. It looks very fashionable but you're not there yet. You need the bright daffodil yellow and the blue and the golden ─” She laughed and she understood what her teacher was trying to tell her. And I told her to gift herself flowers. Nature has gone out of her way. She has a buffet for us. Why have we secluded ourselves to this plain colorless life? Let's do it. SHARON: It's so funny that you mentioned flowers because I love going to my farmers market; and, every week, I pick up a whole bouquet of flowers. Usually, they're so large. You get so many flowers at the farmers market. I end up with three or four arrangements about the house. And it's always a wonderful feeling to walk into the house and right there in your kitchen table is a beautiful bouquet of flowers that are for that season. The lilies are out right now which just make the house smell beautifully. I love doing that. So treat yourself to those sorts of things. ACHARYA: Yes. And Ayurveda wants to address these things along with the seasonal food and the sleep and the connections ─ intimate or otherwise. It's very wholesome, very organic, and very natural. And also, a relationship with the sun and the moon ─ if we wake up earlier, we can see the rising sun; we can also probably go out and witness the rising moon. And these things are not cosmetics. All of nature is attuned to them. But we kind of shut our windows, switch on the television or the Internet and we're in our own virtual universe and none of these matters. For me and for my students and for the people who are getting better with Ayurveda, this is our free medicine. Meditate under it and you don't need to change your religion nor become a vegetarian or a vegan. Those are all your preferences. But it's definitely a connection to a larger, grander canvas that's already there for us always SHARON: And I want to mention that you don't have to have a view to enjoy the sunrise. You taught me that. “Well, I don't live on a high-rise tower or I don't live on the ocean. I can't see the sunrise.”

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That's not the point. You can be enjoying that change of light and that time of day even if you don't have the view from your patio. ACHARYA: Thank you for bringing that up. Somebody got hold of my YouTube videos or books from a prison because prisons allow that kind of certain creative time. I don't know how but that person was becoming my student in a prison in California. And then, his mother called me on his behalf to say he wants to know how he can get up and connect with the sun because he has no window. It was a moment for me and I said, “Well, turn towards the east; close your eyes; and feel the power of a million suns in your heart. And that should do it.” After he got released, the first thing he did was to come and meet me at my school. SHARON: When you said that, all of a sudden, my heart got really warm. It's fascinating how quickly that whole feeling can happen even though it's not sunrise. It's amazing to me how quickly that can happen. We need to take one final quick commercial break, and then we'll be back folks. Shunya is going to tell us all about her school and how we can learn more and how we can get her book, too. So we'll be right back. (commercial break) Welcome back, everyone, to The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio. I'm your host, Sharon Sayler, from sharonsayler.com. And, today, we're talking to Acharya Sunya. She is the author of the awesome book Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom: A Complete Prescription to Optimize Your Health, Prevent Disease, and Live with Vitality and Joy. Check through the records because we've had her on before. And when we get together, as you can tell, we just go to any place that the spirit guides us. I just love that. But I want to be sure and talk about your school and how people can learn more about it and you and where they can get the book. ACHARYA: The book is available everywhere. At Amazon.com, you can up my name, Acharya Sunya, or type in Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom and it will come up. I'm happy to tell you, Sharon, that it's been a bestseller ever since it came out within two weeks. It's doing very well. SHARON: Bravo! I can say I know why ─ because it's beautiful to look at. © 2017 The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio, Sharon Sayler www.LifeInterruptedRadio.com Page 20 of 25

ACHARYA: And you also played a role in that in spreading the good word. The book is doing well. And it's also available at Barnes & Noble. It's also available at Whole Foods, Pharmaca so, pretty much, you can even walk in and buy the book if you don't want to wait for the package to arrive. And my wisdom school is in California in the Bay Area in Northern California. It’s known as Vedika Global. VedikaGlobal.org is our website. If u want to connect with me at my school, you can study with me from any part of the world because I have students from Australia to Ireland to India ─ to everywhere, thanks to online teaching options. I hope that you get motivated. SHARON: Absolutely! What I love about it is that not only are you a beautiful person but you make Ayurveda so approachable and easy to understand. I think, oftentimes, when I was first exposed to it, it was so lofty that I got intimidated by it. You bring it down to where it's easy to understand in a doable way. That's what I love about your teaching. ACHARYA: Yes. I think the first way that Ayurveda came into the West was in a very academic way: Here are the three doshas and learn this and here's a list and diagnose yourself and here's a quiz ─ I don't have any of that in my book because I work with people, and people are not meant to be self-diagnosing themselves. They're supposed to be falling in love with the rising sun, and that takes care of things. Let's keep it simple and let's heal and let's be happier. Let's, ultimately, become worthy of who we truly are, sovereign beings. SHARON: I love that. Thank you so much, my dear. ACHARYA: Thank you for inviting me. I so enjoy talking to you because from the moment you started talking, I could see that your consciousness is as big as the universe. I don't have to take care of you. I think our conversations make a huge difference ─ a paradigm shift ─ in our listeners’ lives. SHARON: Absolutely! Give yourself permission, guys. I think that was powerful, too. I had so many beautiful takeaways from today as I always do, my dear. You're welcome back anytime.

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