5 Tips for Buying Stretchy Skinny Pants

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5 Tips for Buying Stretchy Skinny Pants Stretchy pants have been a part of the fashion world since the late 1970s when designers incorporated a small percentage of a stretchy synthetic fiber, also known as as Spandex or Lycra, into a cotton blend. Adding this fiber gave the jeans a comfort previously only felt in worn well-made denim. People around the world have been enjoying this slightly stretchy fabric for the way it contours around a body and feels comfortable. However, there are some drawbacks. The more lycra used, the poorer quality the fabric. Stretchy skinny pants are found at major retailers, specialty stores, and online retailers, like eBay. By understanding why stretch is added to pants, shoppers can move on to tips for buying stretchy skinny pants. These tips include to go dark, be careful with patterns, choose the right rise, pay attention to percentage of stretch, and leg size is important.

1. Go Dark Dark blue is the most flattering of all stretchy skinny pant colors. If only one pair are allowed, regardless of their size, they should choose a dark wash. Indigo is popular, so much so that every manufacturer makes a pair of jeans in this wash. It is versatile and just makes everyone look good, because there is little attention shown to problem areas that lighter washes can highlight. It is also great in casual and more dressed up situations. People can wear dark denim skinnies with a T-shirt and sneakers, or with pumps and a blouse.

2. Be Careful with Patterns Patterns can be great, or they can be awful. Some patterns can make thighs look rounded or large. Floral patterns are very on trend, but large flowers with colors in the wrong places can make normal legs look large. Likewise, horizontal stripes are best left alone. They make even the tiniest legs look wide and stubby. Vertical stripes elongate legs, and certain patterns are whimsical. They do not make legs look any larger than they are.

3. Choose the Right Rise Certain people have petite shapes, while others have legs that are a million miles long. The same rise does not work well with both of these ladies, unfortunately. There is no single rise that is best for everyone. It really depends on body shape and size. While high rise skinny

pants are very on-trend, they are best left to leggy, slim women. For petite ladies, this high rise can make the torso look non-existent and just make them look misshapen. On the other hands, petite women can easily wear low rise pants, because they have smaller proportions. Below is a handy chart that can help customers determine where the pants fall in terms of rise:

Rise Type  


Super Low Rise

6 inches and below

Low Rise

6 to 7 inches

Mid Rise

7 to 8 inches

High Rise

8 to 10 inches

Super High Rise

10 inches and above

  Choosing the rise type that is best for one's body is important. Super low rise pants have such a short length that they are not proportionally correct for a woman with a very long torso. Women with short torsos look silly with pants that have a super high rise.

4. Pay Attention to Percentage of Stretch Stretch is a great thing, but too much of it makes pants look cheap or actually be cheap and rip. Generally speaking, pants with less stretch lasts longer. However, each person should find where their comfort level is. Stretch should work towards creating an attractive silhouette. People who are more shapely generally need a little more stretch to achieve this look. Therefore, trim women can get away with a lower percentage of stretch. Less stretch also looks more tailored. A one percent stretch content hugs the body but still maintains a high quality fabric, and women can get away wearing these pants on formal occasions. Two to three percent still gives the pant a nice, dressed up feel, and works for a majority of women, while four percent is much more casual and shows imperfections and panty lines, as well as interior pockets.

5. Leg Size is Important

Every woman who wears a size four does not have the same width leg. People are not uniform in that way. However, enough manufacturers and designers are aware of this that they have produced lines of skinny pants that vary in leg sizes. Women with larger or more athletic legs may need to wear a skinny pant with a wider leg. However, it is still a skinny pant, even if it is not a super skinny size, because proportionally, it looks like a skinny pant on those women. The chart below expresses what works best for different leg sizes.

Leg Size/Type of Jean  

Type of Jean  

Leg Type  

Less than 10 inch opening


Very Slim Legs

10 inch opening

Super skinny pant

Slim Legs

12 inch opening

Skinny pant

Average Legs

14 inch opening

Straight leg pant

Athletic or Large Legs

People with very slim legs cannot wear super skinny pants because they end up looking like a straight leg pant. Jeggings are much more slim and form fitting, so they work best for this body type. Slim legs benefit from the 10 inch opening because the pant is less loose. Most people fall in line with the 12 inch opening, while those with larger legs look great in a straight leg pant. The straight leg actually looks like a skinny pant for these people.

Why Buy Stretch? Skinny pants fit so closely to one's body that some amount of stretch is necessary to get a seamless, tight-fitting, and flattering look. Most people do not have the time and patience, or the body type, to buy a pair of 100 percent cotton skinny pants and wear them until they are completely worn in an emulate the skinny jean look. Though the latter denim is more high quality, and lasts longer, people are much more likely to choose a pair of jeans that have the immediate effect they are looking for.

How to Buy Stretchy Skinny Pants on eBay When searching for stretchy skinny pants on eBay, using keywords that reflect exactly what you are looking for is important. Perhaps you are looking for super skinny stretch jeans. Using those precise keywords, along with searches using synonyms like very skinny stretch denim are essential in finding exactly what you want. Do not be afraid to browse and try different keywords and categories. You may just find something you never knew you needed.

Before purchasing, you should be certain of your purchase. Ask sellers any questions you may have. It is likely that they are very knowledgeable; after all, they are selling the product. Consider seller feedback, along with shipping charges, and estimated time of delivery. By taking these considerations into mind, will make you an very happy customer.

Conclusion It is important to keep in mind certain aspects when buying a stretchy skinny pant. Dark colors work really well on nearly anyone and lighter colors can make legs look much bigger than they are. Patterns can show off people's individuality, but they can also make legs appear larger and misshapen. Additionally, certain patterns may draw attention to unwanted areas. However, many tasteful patterns exist, and vertical stripes actually make legs look longer and leaner. Rise length is also important to consider, as it can make people look proportionate. Stretch content can determine the worth of the piece, as higher stretch content correlates to weaker fibers. The different leg sizes also must be taken into thought. Once shoppers are informed, they can better purchase a pair of stretchy skinny jeans that fit them like a glove.

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