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how enrolling just a handful of people will allow you to get your own products for free. ... In your first 72 hours, you want short, action steps that get you started, not a lot of training or ... would love to hear about the Xyngular opportunity and try.


72-Hour Xplosion G e t t i n g

S t a r t e d

G u i d e

Retail Model

3 x 3 Is FREE

Get Your Product for FREE* Within 72 hours when you follow the simple steps outlined here, your sponsor can help you enroll 3 Distributors and 3 Retail Customers

3 Distributor (with Dual Ignite™)

3 Retail Customers


Welcome to the Xyngular® family. We look forward to a long partnership with you. Our goal is to make you successful in all of your goals, starting today. This is a simple business to start…and start FAST. All you do is invite and share.


Retail Customers

360 PV

180 PV

Retail Income Rapid Rewards Income 216.00

In this guide we will provide you the direction you need to maximize your success in the first 72 hours after joining. We are going to show you how enrolling just a handful of people will allow you to get your own products for free. Better yet, we’ll also show you how enrolling just 4 distributors can earn you $1,000 in your first 30 days. Best of all, you are going to learn the 3 simple steps to build your business: Identify, Invite, and Enroll. This is your roadmap to achieve Xplosive success.




Business-Building Model

4 x 4 There’s More Earn $1,082 in 30 days*

Within 72 Hours your sponsor can help you enroll 4 Distributors with Dual Ignite. Then you can help each of them to enroll 4 Distributors and begin to earn your Xplosive income. You can even get that done in 30 days. Many do. 4 Personal Enrollees Their Enrollees (4 each)

Sincerely, - Marc Walker, President

Your Earning Opportunity Get Your Product for FREE and Even Earn $1,000 in Your First 30 Days… Part Time In your first 72 hours, with the help of your sponsor, you’ll set your pace and create your personal Xyngular Xplosion. That can propel you, first of

all, to break even right away. Then you’ll go on to earn at whatever level

Rapid Reward (1st Level) Rapid Rewards (2nd level) QuickStart Income Manager Pool Silver Manager Pool TOTAL EARNINGS

your dreams dictate. You could be earning $1,000, $2,000, or even $5,000 monthly within your first 30, 60, or 90 days. But first, here’s a snapshot of a way to get your products for free and even earn $1,000 in your first 30 days. *


360 PV (Each Enrollee) $ 288.00 $ 576.00 $ 100.00 $ 34.00 $ 84.00 $ 1,082.00

* NOTE: PV stands for “Personal Volume”, a point system associated with product purchase. These numbers are based on mathematical assumptions that everyone joins at 360 PV. To maximize your success we suggest starting all new Distributors at 360PV so they have enough product to use and also share. This is not a guarantee of income you will actually earn in this system. Any representation or guarantee of earnings, whether by Xyngular or a Distributor, would be misleading. Your success in our Compensation Plan comes only from successful sales efforts requiring consistent efforts and leadership. Please refer to Xyngular’s Compensation Plan for a complete explanation of qualifications, commissions, and bonuses.

Step 1

Why you need a Getting Started Guide

To enroll 3 or 4 people within 72 hours, you’ll need to gather names and contact

Launching a home-based business isn’t like starting a job where you put in

information for those you want to contact first. You probably already have them

so many hours for so much pay.

in your cell phone, so take a minute and write down 25 names you want to call

Whatever size of Xplosion you create in your first 72 hours is what will be

first. Don’t prejudge them or decide for them. Some will be ready for this great

most likely to happen for everyone else you enroll. It’s like launching a

opportunity, others won’t. Just get them on your list and move to Step 2.

rocket. It takes more fuel to launch than to maintain in orbit. The more firepower you put into your first 72 hours the more firepower you


will inspire in the team you build. You’re setting the example and creating 1.

your powerful Xplosion story.


In your first 72 hours, you want short, action steps that get you started, not a


lot of training or theory. This guide answers the question, “What exactly do I


do first…in 3 easy steps?”

5. 6.


1 Identify. 25 prospects…people you’d like to work with who


would love to hear about the Xyngular opportunity and try


the products.





2 Invite. Read the simple 3-part script for contacting your

12. 13.

friends and then get them in contact with your sponsor who




will do the presenting. Your object is to make an appoint-


ment…nothing more.

16. 17.

3 Enroll. Get your contacts and sponsor together so he or

18. 19.

she can get these individuals enrolled in the program.

20. 21.

Once you’ve seen three or four of your friends enroll, you’ll


be ready to do the same thing to help them get started in the


same way your sponsor has helped you.

24. 25.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these 3 steps…


Phone/Email address:

Step 2

Step 3



The best way to contact is using a simple, natural, 3-part approach that puts your contacts at ease and makes it easy for them to say yes.

When you get together with your contacts in person or on a 3-way call with

This is one of the most successful approaches in our industry.

example, “I’m so excited to have you meet [sponsor’s name]. She has had some

1. Share. “I have something I’d like to share with you.”

amazing experiences with the products we’re going to talk about, and she’s turn-

2. 15 minutes. “It will only take 15 minutes.” Most people can carve out 15 minutes even on a busy day.

ing this little, part-time business into a fortune for herself and her family. She’ll

3. “You may or may not be interested.” This takes the pressure off and opens their mind to consider what you have to offer.

Your sponsor will take it from there and present the products, the industry, the

your sponsor, be prepared to edify your sponsor with a great introduction. For

be able to answer all your questions.” company, the opportunity, and close with a choice like this, “Now you have a

You can use your own words and put these three elements in any order. Be confident, positive, and enthusiastic with the attitude…“I know you will love our products.”

choice. You can be a customer and just order products, you can make a little extra money or a lot of money. Where do you see yourself?”

Best Practices Don’t try to tell them everything you know about Xyngular on your first contact. Your goal is to make an appointment with your sponsor for a 3-way call, a two-on-one meeting, or a home meeting with other individuals. Here are a few tips: 1. Always be in a hurry. Get in and out of the conversation quickly to create curiosity. Example: “I’ve got to get to an appointment right away, but I had just a minute to call you and…”

After your 72-Hour Xplosion… Your 72-Hour Xplosion jumpstarts your business with just the basics. It doesn’t

2. Be enthusiastic. The person with the highest energy will usually get what he or she wants. Set your enthusiasm level one notch above the person you’re talking to.

train you in goal setting, closing techniques, the inside-outs of the Comp Plan, or the ongoing leadership and support systems Xyngular has to offer.

3. Clear the night before you invite. Example: “Hey, what are you doing Wednesday night?” Or, “which would be better for you…Tuesday on your noon hour or Saturday morning?”

Those will come later in your 30-day Xplosion training and the steady stream of training you’ll plug into as you listen to weekly conference calls and explore

4. Whoever asks the questions is in control. If your contact starts asking a lot of questions, simply say, “Let me ask you a question… It seems to me that with all these questions, you’ve got some interest. Why don’t we set a time to get you all the answers to your questions in one organized presentation?”

training topics in your weekly ConneXions™, monthly Momentum™, and Back Office. Your 72-Hour Xplosion will give you a taste of success right away without having to do it all yourself. It’s not only something anyone can do, but it’s also what you

5. Your call is the ad for the presentation…not the main presentation. Even after you are experienced at giving the complete Xyngular story, it’s always better to set an appointment and edify the person who will be presenting. You can say, “If I tried to answer all your questions now in a hurry, it wouldn’t be fair to you. You need to hear it from my friend who does such a great job. And we’ll have time to answer all your questions after you see what it’s all about. It’s like a puzzle. You have to see all the pieces for it to make sense.”

and your team are most likely to do with each other… and do well.


xyngular.com 4

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