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allow us to clean restrooms more effectively. If we are ... Many of you have been following on our website, social media and hearing from your children about.

ANDREW HAWK HERALD LEADER IN ME, LIGHTHOUSE SCHOOL January, February, and March Edition Andrew School wishes you a Safe and Happy New Year!

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The Andrew Community School is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action employer and does not discriminate in its educational programs and activities on the basis of age, color, creed, national origin, race, religion, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Jan. 3 - School Resumes Jan. 3 - 6:30 Parent & Community Lighthouse Mtg. Jan. 8 - School Board Meeting Jan. 15 - NO SCHOOL Jan. 26 - Leadership Assembly/Make a Difference Day Feb. 2 & 3 - Little Hawk Tournament Feb. 5 - 5:00 Republican Caucus (Old Gym) Feb. 7 - 6:30 Parent & Community Lighthouse Mtg. Feb. 12 - School Board Meeting Feb. 15 - 2:00 LEAP Ski Trip Feb. 16 - NO SCHOOL Feb. 19 - NO SCHOOL Feb. 23 - Leadership Assembly March 5 & 6 - 12:30 Early Out P.T. Conferences March 7 - 6:30 Parent & Community Lighthouse Mtg. March 7 - NO SCHOOL March 8 - NO SCHOOL March 9 - NO SCHOOL March 12 - NO SCHOOL March 23 - Leadership Assembly March 30 - NO SCHOOL

Andrew Community School Mission Statement Andrew Community School District is a unique & collaborative culture, where all students, staff, and families are empowered to learn, lead, and succeed.

Learning Today to be Leaders Tomorrow

The new year will bring many of new updates to Andrew Community School District. As you all know, the most important in Andrew occurs within our classrooms everyday. However, while our teachers and students are busily engaged in this important work there are many other members of our school team hard at work behind the scenes. For the past few months, Jim Till and Keith Demoss have been collaborating with key school personnel to identify and prioritize our facility improvement plans. With the support of our school board we have been able to take some big steps to make sure that our building and grounds offer a safe and high-quality learning environment for our students, staff, and families. This past month we began the installation of LED lighting throughout our entire school. The new lighting will provide bright and inviting spaces for our students to learn in. Teachers will have the ability to adjust the brightness level to best meet the needs in their classrooms. Not only are we saving over half the project cost through energy saving rebates, but we will also see a long term return on our investment. We estimate that the entire project will be paid off in less than two years. With these high efficiency bulbs we also expect to save approximately $15,000 per year that we will reinvest in teaching and learning. Another project that began over winter break was the replacement of the flooring in many of our student restrooms. Tile flooring is being replaced with an epoxy floor and sealed with a highly-durable polyurethane coat. Not only does this cost effective solution address the flooring issues with old tile in the restrooms, but it will also allow us to clean restrooms more effectively. If we are happy with the final product, then we plan to continue discussions to look at using this solution to replace the carpeted halls throughout our school this coming summer. One final addition this past month has been the replacement of our twenty year old skid loader. After much discussion and careful consideration, we were able to get premium value on our old skid loader to replace it with a new one. We plan to use this new machine to increase the safety and speed up the process of removing snow, unloading large deliveries, and completing other large projects around the school. There is no doubt that the increase load capacity, larger bucket, and accelerated speed will help us make sure we are working efficiently and keeping our grounds safe for all our students, families, and staff. A couple more projects we are currently planning for include replacing our single-pane windows and replacing the exterior window coverings. We have bids to replace all the old windows that cause temperature issues in classrooms and lead to inefficient energy usage. I think is is safe to say that we are most excited about replacing the rusted window coverings around the outside of the school. We are so proud of the incredible work being led by our team of educators. It is important to us that the appearance of our school reflects the pride we have in being a part of the Andrew community. We are confident that 2018 will be another great year to work and learn in Andrew CSD. We thank you for choosing to be a part of this amazing community!

Dear Andrew Families, With the coming of the new year there is so much to celebrate that our students and staff have accomplished during the ‘17/’18 school year and in addition, there is so much more to achieve between now and May. Many of you have been following on our website, social media and hearing from your children about the many student led projects that have been implemented throughout the school year. Students have been able to present to our city council and gain permits to have chickens on our school grounds. Students have learned so much knowledge throughout this experience and continue to grow in their understanding about how raising our own food is beneficial for our school and community. Our 5th grade students have been able to present to our school board regarding their experience with implementing hydroponics and aquaponics in their classroom and the academic standards they have mastered throughout this experience as well as the Leader in Me habits that they’ve applied. Our goal at Andrew is to continue supporting Project Based Learning (PBL) which is also an avenue for our students to achieve the Andrew CSD Core Competencies that our staff and school board have determined are important skills for our students to master to be successful 21st century learners. In order for our staff to continue their learning about PBL, how we can support students in their academic growth through solving authentic community issues, several staff members will be visiting other school districts this winter to see PBL learning in action and how other school districts have implemented these best practices. We are excited to bring this learning back to Andrew and share with the remainder of the staff, school board as well as parents and community members. In addition, our staff and students will be presenting a break out session for teachers, school leaders, community members and community leaders at the Leader in Me Symposium in Des Moines in February. Students will be presenting on the Leader in Me Habit 8, Finding Your Voice and Inspiring Others to Find Theirs. They will be focusing on the projects described above as well as other learning experiences and opportunities that students have initiated and are motivated to learn about and directly impact them and our community. We are excited to continue to share with you how students are learning and excelling in literacy, numeracy and writing while applying this learning to topics that are meaningful to them and how they are working to develop solutions to authentic challenges in our community, state, nation and world. We look forward to continuing this school year by partnering together to support our students in achieving academic, leadership and social/emotional growth so students are successful for wherever their next steps may take them. Best Regards, Tara Notz Principal, Andrew CSD

Andrew LEAP: Leadership Education in Afterschool Programs

Pete Bonifas Activities & L.E.A.P. Coordinator Andrew CSD

This past October, Andrew’s L.E.A.P. program completed a Comprehensive Site Visit for the Iowa 21st Century Community Learning Centers program, conducted by the Iowa Department of Education. After meeting with school administration, community partners, L.E.A.P. staff and parents, I’m proud to say that Andrew has been approved for 2 more years of Iowa 21CCLC funding! Over the first 3 years of the program Andrew CSD has received $66,910 per year for before and after school programs and 30 days of summer school. Going forward, Andrew CSD will receive $50, 175 each each year for two more years. This amount is a predetermined 75% of our original grant award for all schools who qualify during their 3rd year of implementation. Thank you to all of the community partners, parents, volunteers and staff who have helped to make our program so successful. Currently over 95% of all K-8 students enrolled at Andrew CSD attend L.E.A.P. programs! In early January we will concluded our second session of after school L.E.A.P. programming. We have enjoyed weekly programs from the National Mississippi River Museum which has included: turtles, lizards, creepy critters, and rockets just to name a few! Our local Iowa State Extension office has also done a weekly program called “Little Chefs” which shows kids their way around the kitchen and introduces a variety of healthy snacks and foods they can make themselves! We have also partnered with the Maquoketa YMCA for a weekly Hip-Hop dance program. In addition to these programs, we also have a 3D Printing Club, a Cooking Club, Board Games Galore, and the always popular Friday Flicks where student can relax and watch a movie on the big screen in the gym. Coming Events! Our Session III registration form will be going home with students prior to Winter break. Also, on February 15th our 4th - 8th grade students have the opportunity to attend a Ski-Trip to Sundown Mountain in Asbury, IA as a part of our L.E.A.P. program. The trip is at no cost to students and includes transportation, equipment rental, lift passes, and ski lessons for all levels. All L.E.A.P. programs are free for students to attend.

Welcome To The Hawks Nest Introducing Mr Kamryn Lee DeMoss Keith and Ashlee DeMoss welcomed a son, Kamryn Lee on September 27, 2017. Kamryn weighed 7 pounds and measured 20 inches long. Keith is our bus mechanic at Andrew Community Schools. Helping to welcome Kamryn is big brother Jadyn. Congratulations to the DeMoss family and welcome to the Hawks Nest!

Introducing Miss Myla Ann Marie Fry Jason and Katelynn welcomed baby girl, Myla Ann Marie on November 8, 2017. Myla weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces and measured 19 inches long. Katelynn is a paraeducator for Andrew Community Schools. Congratulations Jason and Katelynn and welcome to the Hawks Nest.


Spring Pictures Get those smiles ready!

What a great way to show your pride in Andrew Schools. You can purchase an Andrew Hawk yard sign for only $10.00. Stop in at the school office and we will be happy help you out!

Spring picture day is Tuesday March 27th. Andrew students collected pennies the week of December 4 thru Dec. 8 for the 2017 Penny Race. The money raised was used to buy gifts for some deserving children. Thanks to all for getting those pennies to school. We raised $252.69. Way to go Andrew Students! Six names were drawn from the Student Lighthouse Team to deliver packages to Maquoketa State Bank. Those lucky students were Chase Barsema, Cora Widel, Brenden Gerardy, Tucker Moore, Evelyn Nelson, and Braelyn Jamison.

Girls Volleyball Team

Girls joining Bellevue Volleyball were: Alyssa Manders, Delaney Dunne, and Kayla Bruggenwirth

Girls Basketball Team

Girls playing for Bellevue Basketball are: Kayla Bruggenwirth 8th, Delaney Dunne 7th, Jariyana Burnett 8th, and Alyssa Manders 8th

Leadership Award Winners September Leadership Award Winners Carleigh Keehn, Klaire Till, Anita Borrenpohl, Aubrie Ramirez, Braelynn Jamison, Anna Barton, Piper Delagardelle, Cate Dunne, Colten Bell, Cameron Casel, Jami Portz, Nick Kilburg, Erin Courter, Kaylee Craft, and Hannah Bickel

October Leadership Award Winners Joe Ihrig, Crixus Krabbenhoft, Zander Kohn, Chris Moura, Axel Carlson, Mara Ihrig, Carter Hickson, Matthew Lasley, Jaelynn Geerts, Elliott Wagner, Jayrianna Capelle, Nolan Duhme, Jack Strodtman, Axel Carlson, Erin Courter, and Jay Tamangmed.

November Leadership Award Winners Autumn Balk, Arabella Wagner, Carson Casel, Easton Richardson, Andrew Portz, Isabella Read, Hunter Emerson, Emma Ihrig, Ayden Stark, Blayne Tharp. Jace Haylock, Carleigh Keehn, Ayden Stark, Nick Kilburg,Cole Burnett, and Adalynne Leach. Overall Leadership winner Adalynne Leach

Band and Chorus Fall / Winter Concert

The Middle School Fall Concert was held in the Main Gym on October 26th, 2017. This year Mrs. Arnold decided to turn over some of the reigns of the music program to the students. In fact, every song the middle schoolers performed was chosen by them. The students chose a long list of songs and then as a group voted for their 2 or 3 top favorites.

The Elementary Program was a success on December 14th, 2017 in the main gym. The K-1 students sang songs from the program "Flakes" including "We're Flakes," "Snirt!," "Nothing Special," and "One In A Million". Numerous speaking parts were a huge demonstration of synergy! Kids working together to tell the story of snowflakes and snirts. (Snirt, of course, is snow mixed with dirt!) Crixus and Brooklyn found their voice and were so brave singing their solos in the song "Nothing Special." 2nd-5th grade students performed "North Pole Diaries" which included the following songs: "North Pole Diaries," "Getting Ready For Christmas", "Born To Shop", "Santa Needs A Brand New Bag", "Santa Needs A Vacation," "Hip-Hop Reindeer," "Away From The Mistletoe," and "Up, Up, Up In The Sleigh." Tremendous rapping solos and a wonderful singing solo by students in 4th and 5th grades. Nolan, Max, Lance, Blake, Carleigh, Jordyn, Chloie, Cadence, Cora, Hailey, and Colten. Not to mention the speaking characters included Cameron, Samantha, Jordyn, Evelyn, Hadley, Klaire, and Aydin! I want to thank each and every family for demonstrating support in the music program. Not everyone loves music in the same way, but it certainly helps our kids find and show their voice in another way. Thank you and happy holidays! Mrs. Arnold

Family Literacy Night Family Literacy Night is a night to promote literacy and a love of reading for the entire family. Our night started with a meal sponsored by our Parent and Community Lighthouse Team. During the meal Middle School Maker Space projects were showcased.The meal was followed by a presentation of local author B.J. Schwartz of Plumery Tails Mal-amusement park. Helping to entertain families were malamute's Max and Odin. B.J. also introduced his book, A Break Through the Ice.

Chickens, Chickens, Chickens We have chickens at Andrew! Our middle school students' hard work on research and presenting to city hall has paid off. The Ihrig family donated 6 Red Sexlink chickens from their flock. Students chose the following names for our hens: Spot, Penelope (Penny), Marge, Suzie, Ginger, and Nugget. Each week a rotation of three middle school student volunteers take care of daily chicken chores, providing food and water and collecting eggs. Each volunteer gets his or her share of eggs to take home as payment for their labor. Keep watching for more chicken updates!

Thank You Veterans As a thank you for attending our annual Veterans Day Assembly and for their service to our country Andrew Community Schools invited local veterans to a free breakfast on Friday November 17, 2017. Here are a few of our veterans and students enjoying breakfast.

National Hot Lunch Week National Hot Lunch Week was Oct. 9-13. This is a great week for parents, grandparents, and/or guest to stop in and have a lunch with their student. Here are a few of the smiling faces enjoying lunch. Thank You to our kitchen staff for always providing us with delicious and nutritious meals!

Negative Lunch Policy Andrew Community School provides a Hot Lunch Program and Breakfast Program at a reasonable rate and it is the right of any student to participate in this program. Students should make deposits to their lunch account in the office each morning or parents may make online deposits using Pay School Central. Parents will be notified by an email when their account is running low or out of funds. If a student/family account shows a negative balance of $30.00 or more, the student will not be allowed to purchase any extra milk. If a student/family account shows a negative balance of $100.00 or more, the student will not be allowed to participate in the hot lunch program until the balance is paid. The student will instead receive a sandwich and milk for lunch. Students not wishing to participate may bring a sack lunch.

Breakfast / Lunch Information Breakfast is served daily from 7:40 am - 8:00 am Student Breakfast cost: $1.10 Adult Breakfast cost: $1.50 Lunch is served daily from 11:00 - 12:30 (scheduled by grade) Student Lunch cost: $2.30 Adult Lunch cost: $3.55 Reduced Price Student Breakfast cost: .30 Reduced Price Student Lunch cost: .40 If interested in applying for Free and/or Reduced Meals for your family contact the school office at 563 672-3221 “It is the policy of this CNP provider not to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, or religion in its programs, activities, or employment practices as required by the Iowa Code section 216.6, 216.7, and 216.9. If you have questions or grievances related to compliance with this policy by this CNP Provider, please contact the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, Grimes State Office building, 400 E. 14th St. Des Moines, IA 50319-1004; phone number 515-281-4121, 800-457-4416; website:”

In accordance with Federal civil rights law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) civil rights regulations and policies, the USDA, its Agencies, offices, and employees, and institutions participating in or administering USDA programs are prohibited from discriminating based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, or reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity in any program or activity conducted or funded by USDA.


Andrew CSD 5th graders were able to share their learning and implementation of hydroponics and aquaponics with our school board during the Andrew School Board meeting on Monday, December 11th. The 5th grade students, along with our middle school students, visited the Bellevue BIG high school aquaponics project in October and came back to Andrew excited to learn more. They had also been learning about how to master reading “Technical Text” as part of their reading standards. Our 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Haverkamp, provided a small hydroponics system for the students and as part of demonstrating mastery of the “Technical Text” standard, the students had to assemble the system using the manual. Students then decided to take their learning further and wanted to build an even larger hydroponics system so they could grow more plants. The students designed plans for how to build the system, they contacted Mr. Till, our facilities director, for materials, they built the system, and they determined which plants they wanted to grow and began growing their plants. During this process, they have made several changes and adjustments to their plans to improve growing conditions for the plants. During the school board meeting, students were able to explain to the board and parents how they developed the system, which learning standards they had mastered and how they used all 8 Leader in Me habits throughout their learning. Thank You to Mrs. Haverkamp for facilitating this learning and supporting our students’ voices to pursue learning they were passionate about. Way to go 5th grade students for being amazing role models and leaders throughout this experience. We can’t wait to see what you decide to do next!

Non - Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 1 Andrew, IA

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