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Sep 21, 2014 - The 30 Watt LSS panel is designed to fulfill an ever-growing need for portable, damage-resistant solar modules. Backed by a stainless steel ...

BSP Panel Series - 30 Watt LSS


BSP Panel Series


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BSP Panel Series - 30 Watt LSS The 30 Watt LSS panel is designed to fulfill an ever-growing need for portable, damage-resistant solar modules. Backed by a stainless steel substrate and protected by a laminated Tedlar cover, the 30 watt LSS offers a perfect solution for marine, camping, military, and vandal-resistant applications.

The BSP Panel Series features: - High performance multi-crystalline cells - High energy yields in a wide variety of climates - Stainless steel substrate protected by a laminated Tedlar cover



Open circuit voltage (Voc)


Maximum power voltage (Vmp)


Short circuit current (Isc)


Maximum power current at (Imp)


1. Values at Standard Test Conditions (STC): 1000W/m2 irradiance, AM 1.5 solar spectrum and 25oC module temperature


AWG#18(0.75mm2) 2core Cable Length: 10ft / 304.8cm


mm (in)

Length: inches (mm)

24.64 (625.86)

Width: inches (mm)


Thickness: inches (mm)

0.125 (3.175)

Weight: lbs (kg)

11.3 (5.13)

WARRANTY 625.86 (24.64)

625.86 (24.64)

5 year warranty

442.98 (17.44)

442.98 (17.44)


3.175 (0.125)

Photographs are intended to portray typical module appearance, actual module appearance may vary. Diagrams may not be proportionate and are intended for illustrative purposes only. 09/21/14

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