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[email protected]3F>[email protected]`SaS\b June 2013-Present >VWZORSZ^VWO1Wbg>O^S`>VWZORSZ^VWO>/ Jobson Medical Information, Newtown Square PA 3RWb]`WOZ5`O^VWQ2SaWU\S` Graphic Designer 32C1/B7=< 2cbWSa`O\UST`][Q`SObW\UQZWS\bPOaSRORaeSSYZg Multitask and work in a very fast paced environment &  eSPaWbS[OW\bS\O\QSS\ac`W\U^`W\bOQQc`OQgOaeSZZ creating client based e-blasts, as well as meetings collateral 0AW\5`O^VWQ2SaWU\/`b7\abWbcbS]T>VWZORSZ^VWO Oa]`WUW\OZO\RSTTSQbWdS^OUSZOg]cb such as brochures, booklets, business response cards, and >VWZORSZ^VWO>/ various website collateral. Also responsible for the redesign /^`WZ AS^bS[PS` magazine publication. and creation of a monthly [email protected]3F>[email protected]`SaS\b October 2011-June 2013 7\bS`\ >VWZORSZ^VWO1Wbg>O^S`>VWZORSZ^VWO>/ Philadelphia City Paper, Philadelphia PA 5OW\SRdOabY\]eZSUSO\RSf^S`WS\QSeWbVbVS 3RWb]`WOZ5`O^VWQ2SaWU\S` Editorial Graphic Designer ^`S^`SaaRS^O`b[S\bOaeSZZOaeWRST]`[ObO\R 2cbWSa`O\UST`][Q`SObW\UQZWS\bPOaSRORaeSSYZg Duties ranged from creating client based ads, weekly RWUWbOZ^`W\ba^SQW¿Qa eSPaWbS[OW\bS\O\QSS\ac`W\U^`W\bOQQc`OQgOaeSZZ website maintenance, ensuring print accuracy, as well as Oa]`WUW\OZO\RSTTSQbWdS^OUSZOg]cb original and effective page layout. &  >WbO>Wb>VWZORSZ^VWO>/ /^`WZ AS^bS[PS`  7\ab]`Se]`YS` // 3\ac`SRQ][^ZSbSQcab][S`aObWaTOQbW]\OaeSZZOa 7\bS`\ [OW\bOW\SRObW[SZgaQVSRcZSW\`SUO`Rab]aS`dWQS 5OW\SRdOabY\]eZSUSO\RSf^S`WS\QSeWbVbVS O\RRSZWdS`g ^`S^`SaaRS^O`b[S\bOaeSZZOaeWRST]`[ObO\R RWUWbOZ^`W\ba^SQW¿Qa # & E]ZTTa;SRWO>/ &  SKILL 4Z]]`e]`YS`O\R1OaVWS` >WbO>Wb>VWZORSZ^VWO>/ Extremely proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite 7\QVO`US]T[OW\bOW\W\UÀ]]`RWa^ZOgaOaeSZZOa (CS5) with strong knowledge of image manipulation, 7\ab]`Se]`YS` VSZ^W\U^c`QVOaS^`]RcQSObOcQbW]\aO\R layout design, typography and html/css. 3\ac`SRQ][^ZSbSQcab][S`aObWaTOQbW]\OaeSZZOa Qcab][S`aObWaTOQbW]\ [OW\bOW\SRObW[SZgaQVSRcZSW\`SUO`Rab]aS`dWQS O\RRSZWdS`g / E]ZTTa;SRWO>/ 3fSQcbSROTcZZ`SP`O\R`O\UW\UT`][O\SeQZWS\b 4Z]]`e]`YS`O\R1OaVWS` Z]U]b]Q]QYbOWZO\RRW\\S`[S\c¸a 7\QVO`US]T[OW\bOW\W\UÀ]]`RWa^ZOgaOaeSZZOa  VSZ^W\U^c`QVOaS^`]RcQSObOcQbW]\aO\R =RR4SZZ]ea>VWZORSZ^VWO>/ Qcab][S`aObWaTOQbW]\ >`]dWRSRO\SeZ]U]O\RS[^Z]gSSbaVW`bRSaWU\T]` bVSQ][^O\g¸aab]`ST`]\bO\ReSPaWbS / @STS`S\QSaOdOWZOPZSc^]\`S_cSab @STS`S\QSaOdOWZOPZSc^]\`S_cSab

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