When recommendations fail to truly reach the individual, the eCommerce industry loses credibility in ... platform takes product, sales, click stream, and customer.

when Synaptic Intelligence meets

eCommerce THE PROBLEM #PersonalizationFail is all too common online. When recommendations fail to truly reach the individual, the eCommerce industry loses credibility in the eyes of the consumer. There are several reasons for why eCommerce is failing at what seems to be a simple problem of knowing your customer: 1) We often only have a few signals for personalization.

2) Advanced segmentation is still segmentation, producing false positives. 3) Collaborative filtering is just a new form of segmentation. 4) Context is often ignored due to complexity of the calculations.

THE SOLUTION Data Amplification. Nara Logics takes the data you have building millions of connections across products, attributes of those products, customers, and each of their purchase histories. For eCommerce customers, our artificial intelligence platform takes product, sales, click stream, and customer data to automatically build a synaptic network tailored to each company’s customers and inventory. Inspired by recent research discovering the mathematics of


about products and customers and amplifies it through

neural connectivity – the synapses – our platform decides the


26% Adds to Cart





strength of connections between products, their attributes,

49% 47%


The synaptic network is built with two key purposes: (1) signalto-noise amplification and (2) context-based personalized recommendations. This dramatically decreases the number of false positives and increases the factors being considered for personalization. None of the above matters if the results do not prove the theory. For Nara Logics, they do: • 47% increase in purchase conversion • 235% increase on homepage add to carts, i.e.


customers and preferences.

Clicks Clicks



Adds to Cart




the case of the cold start problem

• 87% lift in homepage clicks One customer’s ROI metric was a 10% increase compared to a finely-tuned selection of algorithms across the sales funnel. The results showed ROI-crushing lift across all KPIs.




THE HOW In a matter of weeks and 10-20 hours of effort from you, the Nara Logics platform is easily tested with four basic steps:

ecommerce product recommendations

1) Data ingestion. Simply feed in information from your inventory system, website logs, transactional systems, etc. 2) Synapse building. Our synaptic intelligence engine builds explicit and inferred connections across all ingested data, then calculates the

customer & company data unity

strength of each connection. 3) Recommendation review. Together, we review personalized recommendations made with our engine to validate that your synaptic network is healthy.

getting a “why” behind every recommendation

4) A/B testing. We’re now ready for offline or online A/B testing against your current solution. After testing is complete, your synaptic network is built and ready for automated data ingestion and implementation of recommendations

supply chain product purchasing

across all channels. Our eCommerce customers have found the process simple and straight forward.

"Out of all of the different vendors I have worked with in the past, the Nara team has really been one of the best."



lift in revenue per user

Development Team Lead, Digital Marketplace

DRIVING HIGHER CONVERSION When you are ready to add more, so are we. Synaptic Intelligence also delivers: •

Personalized Why. Every recommendation is returned with a “why” so you can personalize the message for each customer, highlighting what is important to them.


click rate increase

mine customer support systems, detailed product specs, external reviews, etc., to further improve results. •


lift in homepage clicks

Data Treasure Trove. While we start with the basics, we can easily

Product Sourcing. Get recommendations for your inventory based on their users’ click and purchase behavior — not their demographics.

Content Personalization. The same synaptic network can be used to drive related product content.

"Using the Nara platform, companies can leverage relevant data across multiple lines of business, with the goal of making the

CONTACT Bill Ray, VP of Business Development [email protected] @NaraLogics

customer experience simpler, cleaner and more personal." Chief Executive Officer, E-commerce Company

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