Sep 9, 2015 - nation of the Word spoken and music was a rare treat indeed. Thanks also to Bob Campbell, who recorded that service in its en- tirety. It is posted on the church web page for all to hear. Please refer your friends and neighbors to to hear recorded sermons, including this special service ...

Grapevine September 2015

Pastor's Desk Brothers and Sisters in Christ, It seems impossible that yet another month ends in this year. August was filled with many wonderful things and two amazing services filled with joy and friendship. I thank Lynn Jurkowitz for her special talents and her willingness to share them at the piano dedication. The combination of the Word spoken and music was a rare treat indeed. Thanks also to Bob Campbell, who recorded that service in its entirety. It is posted on the church web page for all to hear. Please refer your friends and neighbors to to hear recorded sermons, including this special service. The outdoor service was truly a blessing as we moved from the walls of the church to the beauty of the sanctuary provided by the Creator and nurtured and cared for by the Gregg family. Sun and water, green fields and gentle breezes, all reminders of the abiding love of God. Thanks to Mitch and Roger Hartwell, and to Becky McQueen for their special talents at the service. And wonderful tasty recipes filled the tables with plenty, and enough for leftovers. September rolls in as a very busy time for all of Fredericktown as many prepare for the annual Tomato Festival. Our own planning is well underway and Susan is looking for volunteers to work. There are signup sheets for items needed on the parlor table. I have been busy making noodles and plan to provide chicken noodle soup as one of the soups of the day. Everyone looks forward to beans and cornbread. And of course, we cannot forget that tasty tomato bread!! As we prepare for fall, remember these glorious golden days of late summer; Of times shared in the church AND out in the community. Remember the words of Psalm 113: “Praise the Lord! You who serve the Lord – praise! Praise the Lord’s name! Let the Lord’s name be blessed from now until forever from now! From sunrise to sunset, let the Lord’s name be praised! The Lord is high over all the nations; God’s glory is higher than the skies!”

Peace and Grace, Pastor Christine Burns

Inside this issue: Motivation and Bulletin Board


Cook’s Corner and Just for Fun




September Calendar


Church Leadership and Birthdays


Care & Concern and Interchurch


Questions Answered and Outdoor Worship Service


Kid’s Kits, Fredericktown Tomato Show, and Rummage Sale


Tomato Show Volunteer Schedule


Where Shall I , Lord?


Presbyterian Women, Office Hours, and Finance


Pastor Christine


Motivation and Bulletin Board Page 2


Friendship is a priceless gift that cannot be bought or sold, But its value is far greater than a mountain made of gold. For gold is cold and lifeless, it can neither see nor hear And in the time of trouble it is powerless to cheer. It has no ears to listen nor heart to understand, It cannot bring you comfort or reach out a helping hand. So when you ask God for a gift Be thankful if He sends Not diamonds, pearls, or riches But the love of real true friends. – Helen Steiner Rice

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Bulletin Board If you have something that you would like the whole congregation to know, send it in and we’ll put it on the Grapevine Bulletin Board!

Dave Thomson is offering guitar, keyboard, and bass lessons. Inside/outside painting. Free Estimates.

Page 3


Cook's Corner

Just for Fun


Page 4


Monthly Fund Raising Luncheon

Session Meeting

The next monthly Fund Raising Luncheon will be announced.

September 16th 6:30pm


Men’s Ministry

Income $8,914

The Men’s Breakfast is the 2nd Saturday @ 8am each month in Fellowship Hall. Come out and join in for breakfast and fellowship. The next breakfast will be September 12th. (Cancelled due to Tomato Show.)

Expenses $8,915 Mortgage $835,900

Adult Choir

Youth Program Cancelled until further notice. Watch for updates!

Adult choir practice will be Sept. 6th, 13th and 20th. Come and join the choir!!

Adult Sunday School Presbyterian Women Please plan on joining us on September 15th @ 1:30pm at the church for our new Bible Study, “Come to the Waters.” (See page 10 for a full description.) All women of the church are welcome to join us. Any questions, please contact Marilyn Klapproth 694-4955 or Barbara Hall - 694-3806.

Church Website Come visit our website and browse around. This link will take you to June 1st sermon. nloadsUpdate,46

Join us at 9am - 9:45 am for Sunday School.

Tomato Show It’s that time again, to start planning and preparing for the Tomato Show, September 9th - 12th, 2015. Below are items that we need and can use.

Great Northern Beans


Leftover Ham & Broth

Paper Towels

16 oz. bottles of water


Coffee - Reg. & Decaf

Gallon Jugs of Water


In an effort to not get too many and not enough of an item, a signup sheet will be in the Parlor. Monetary donations are gladly accepted and everyone’s help is needed to make this a success. Please leave all items in the kitchen by August 31st. If you have any questions, please call Barbara Hall, 694-3806 or Susan Cunningham, 694-4904.


Page 5 Sun Sept 6

9am - 9:45am

Adult Sunday School


Sunday Worship Service - Communion


Adult Choir Practice

Mon Sept 7

Labor Day 7am - 8am

Tue Sept 8

Session Info Due 7 - 9pm

Thu Sept 9 - Sat Sept 12 Sun Sept 13

Get-Up & Go - AA Meeting

Tuesday Night Quilt Group Fredericktown Tomato Show

9am - 9:45am

Adult Sunday School


Sunday Worship Service


Adult Choir Rehearsal

Mon Sept 14

7am - 8am

Get-Up & Go - AA Meeting

Tue Sept 15


Presbyterian Women

Wed Sept 16


Session Meeting

Thu Sept 17


J.O.Y. Club - Allison’s - Mt. Vernon

1pm - 7pm

Red Cross Blood Drive - Fellowship Hall

Sat Sept 19

9:30 - 11:30am

Threads of Devotion

Sun Sept 20

9am - 9:45am

Adult Sunday School


Sunday Worship Service


Adult Choir Rehearsal

Mon Sept 21

7am - 8am

Get-Up & Go - AA Meeting

Tue Sept 22

7 - 9pm

Tuesday Night Quilt Group

Sun Sept 27

9am - 9:45am

Adult Sunday School


Sunday Worship Service

7am - 8am

Get-Up & Go - AA Meeting

5:30 - 6:30pm

Hot Meals

Mon Sept 28


Church Leadership and Birthdays

Page 6




Moderator -

Chair - Judy Cordle

Clerk of Session - Art Dremann

Secretary - Ruth Smith

Class of 2014-15

Class of 2015-16

Class of 2016-17

Class of 2014-15

Class of 2015-16

Class of 2016-17

Susan Cunningham (1)

Steve Bouton (2)

Cindy Bouton (2)

Pete Handwerk (1)

Marilyn Mullin (1)

Kathy Conway (1)

Nathan Cordle (1)

Judy Cordle (2)

Ruth Smith (2)

Chrissie Laymon (1)

Carol Jacobs (1)

Barbara Hall (1)

Colleen Gregg (1)

Jenny Tharp (1)

Cathy Kempton (1)


Our Church Leadership Pastor

Christine Burns

(740) 541-0928

Dee Simon

(740) 694-4751

Harriet Newell

(740) 522-4599

Judy Cordle

(740) 694-0266

Choir Leader/Pianist

Lynn Jurkowitz

(740) 392-8114

Song Leader

Roger Hartwell

(419) 768-2517

Bob Campbell

(740) 694-2335

Marilyn Klapproth

(740) 694-4955

Office Manager Financial Treasurer Benevolence Treasurer

Sound Technician Prayer Chain

4th - Susan Cunningham

17th - Peyton Marmet

25th - Jim Tharp

10th - Nathan Cordle

18th - Pastor Christine

25th - Miguel Torres

13th - Nancy Hollifield

20th - Tierany Smith

26th - Marie Melick

14th - Clayton Souder

22nd - Mark Blanchard

15th - Rachel Gregg

- Betty Mullin

Page 7





Charles Gregg Helen Scarbrough Joan Sharp

1076 Coshocton Av. Mount Vernon, OH 43050 740-397-4125 Paul Jurkowitz


Sun Rise of Worthington 6525 High St. Worthington, OH 43085 Mary Tugend - Room 210

Interchurch From August 1st to August 19, Interchurch has served 40 households in the Food Pantry, 6 clients with financial aid (rent, water, gas, and electric) and 2 clients with gas vouchers for Dr. appointments. From early June through August 14, Interchurch provided approx 400 lunches to children in kindergarten through middle school; we hope to provide the Summer Lunch Program again next year. If your church is collecting food items year round, we are in need of tomato products (tomato sauce, tomato juice, canned tomatoes…), canned fruit (peaches, mixed fruit, pears, pineapple are favorites) and canned beans (kidney beans, baked beans). As we get into fall and cooler weather we will be requesting hearty/chunky soups and saltine crackers. Back to School vouchers were distributed on August 5th. Fredericktown gave out an estimated 200 school supply vouchers, 185 clothing vouchers, and 150 vouchers for taxable items. The past two years Fredericktown has combined with Mt. Vernon and help the distribution at the Salvation Army, next year we would like to come back to Fredericktown and possibly work with local organizations/churches to supply backpacks along with the vouchers. If you, your church or organization would like to help with this project, please let me know as soon as possible so I can plan for next year. Interchurch is preparing for the change of seasons by marking all summer clothing ½ price through August. With that in mind, we hope you donate your fall and winter gently used clothing to the Interchurch Thrift Store. Please make sure you donations are clean, free of pet hair, no tears and zippers and buttons work. Of course, we gladly accept all donations as long as they are clean and they work. Fredericktown is an amazing community, the monetary donations for Christmas in July exceeded last year’s by a few hundred dollars!! Food donations were down by a couple hundred items but we got more of the items that we needed by having churches collect specific items. Again thank you, thank you from the staff at Interchurch.

Katie Frazier Fredericktown Interchurch Branch Manager 740-694-8110 [email protected]

Page 8


Questions Answered

How should children be disciplined? Proverbs 19:18 Proverbs begins with the assumption that children are born in need of correction. They enter the world with a bent toward doing the wrong things. Fathers and mothers are expected to lovingly but firmly train children in the ways of wisdom, responsibility and righteousness. The direction children receive at home sets the course for their entire lives— “Start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it” (Pr 22:6). This isn’t a blanket promise that godly parents won’t have wayward children, but it does underscore the general principle that good parenting can have a life-long impact. Parents who fail in their duty to discipline their children bear a heavy responsibility. The writer sees them as a willing party to their child’s death (see Pr 19:18). In ancient Israel the penalty for several crimes was capital punishment, so failing to properly control a child could indirectly lead to his death. Parents who ignore their children or fail to give them the discipline they need consign them to a bleak and dismal future.

Outdoor Worship Service The outdoor service was truly a blessing as we moved from the walls of the church to the beauty of the sanctuary provided by the Creator and nurtured and cared for by the Gregg family. Sun, water, green fields and gentle breezes, all reminders of the abiding love of God. Thanks to Mitch Hartwell, Roger Hartwell, and Becky McQueen for their special talents at the service. Wonderful tasty dishes filled the tables and enough for leftovers.

Page 9


“Kid’s Kits” We are continuing to collect the following items for “Kid’s Kits” for Interchurch. Our goal is to make 100 kits by the end of the year. Needed Items (Travel Size) Comb Toothbrush Tooth Paste Bar Soap Shampoo Conditioner Washcloth

Please place your donations in the basket on the Parlor Table. Thank you!

Rummage Sale Good News! You don’t have to clean out your closets, attic, garage and anywhere else you may have items accumulating that you don’t need, not yet. We will not be having our Rummage Sale in October; however, save all your “treasures” for our Spring Rummage Sale in May. However, if you want to bring things in you may. We will have a Rummage Sale collection room (across from Adult Sunday School) for your convenience. Any large/heavy items, please wait to bring in May. If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Hall, 694-3806.

Fredericktown Tomato Show September 9th - 12th Be sure to visit our booth for our delicious Bean Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Corn Bread and Tomato Bread!

See Page 10 for the Booth Volunteer Schedule.

Page 10

Tomato Show Booth Volunteer Schedule


Where Shall I, Lord?

Page 11


Where Shall I, Lord? I ask the Lord “Where shall I lead.

“Your voice saying:

Who shall I meet and touch and guide.”

Be here!

The answer speaks out of confusion.

This is where I led you. You are not finished yet.”

“Follow Me!

When the time is right,

Follow Me first and I will plant you. All of you.

When you speak again to my soul so loudly that my ears can hear

Heart filled with love and soul filled with my Spirit.

And my heart recognizes it,

Hands ready for my work.

You will lead me to other work.

Every bit of you!

To another place that I will follow, and lead.

Perhaps with roots deep and lasting;

I shall know then.

Perhaps shallow, strong, and quick-growing.

I will know

A reason or a season,

Where shall I, Lord

A lifetime or a soul’s time.” I know that I will lead only when I follow your lead, Lord. I am saturated with your Spirit now. I am listening with heart and ears, With soul and ego, with feet to follow. As I have sat in my comfortable chair, I have not heard. As I talk confidants half to the brink of madness With wandering puzzlement, I am thankful. Thankful they are there; Thankful I can hear the stirrings that keep me questioning; Keep asking even when the only thing I know Is that I don’t know at all. Then, out of my comfort, in the mud and the rain And exposed, I pray for help. I hear your voice saying: “This way is not easy, I did not mean for it to be.” Pushed nearly to tears with human vulnerability; with frustration! Praying for help in my humanness, you answer with human help. But in your Godness your voice speaks; Tells me where to lead. “In this place!” My whole life has led me to this spot, This moment, this epiphany.

Christine Burns, August 2014

Page 12


Presbyterian Women

Please plan on joining us on September 15th @ 1:30pm at the church for our new Bible Study, “Come to the Waters.” All women of the church are welcome to join us.

Office Regular Hours Summer hours are over… Beginning September 1st, office hours are Tuesday thru Friday 9am - 3pm.

Finance Per Capita - Please pay your annual Per Capita in the amount of $31 per member by October 1, 2015. These checks can be placed in the offertory and noted as “Per Capita.”

Budgets - Please have all budgets into Susan Cunningham prior to October 1, 2015.

Page 13


Pastor Christine has been busy…..

Commissioned Ruling Elders (CREs) Kae Merold and Christine Burns enjoy Serving in the Presbytery... The idea of our presbytery commissioning a ruling elder to a limited, specialized, validated ministry in the presbytery came from a request of the Commission for Congregational Life to have one or more CREs to assist congregations especially during transitional times. This particular pastoral service, described in the PC(USA) Book of Order, was officially approved by Scioto Valley during the November Presbytery Meeting. Commissioned Ruling Elders Kae Merold and Christine Burns were commissioned during the May 2015 Presbytery Meeting. Kae, a member of the Commission for Church Professionals, serves the Outville Presbyterian Church and Christine, a member of the Commission for Congregational Life, serves the Fredericktown First Presbyterian Church.

The PC(USA) Big Tent 2015 Event in Knoxville, TN

Gathers Scioto Valley

The Big Tent 2015, a conference designed to inspire and equip Presbyterians to live missionally, gathered Presbyterians from across the denomination. Our Scioto Valley participants from Ramseyer, St. Andrew, Fredericktown, Broad Street, Waverly, Gahanna and several other congregations found this year's Big Tent a time to worship joyfully, to learn from workshops in evangelism, discipleship, mission, church growth, spirituality, peace and justice, to share in warm Presbyterian fellowship and to experience engaging Bible study. The Big Tent Event is a conference designed for connecting, equipping, inspiring and educating during the years between General Assembly years.

Reverend Mathias Akih, Organizing Pastor, Presbytery's Grace Community Fellowship... especially appreciated his time at the recent PCUSA Big Tent Event In Knoxville, TN. Mathias writes of this experience..."In changing times, servants of God come together to share experiences and rethink possibilities of doing ministry in exciting and meaningful ways; most importantly inter-cultural ministry. The Presbytery of Scioto Valley embraces this change and church leaders are looking forward to this changing face of ministry. What an experience!"

Mathias is surrounded by Christine Burns, and PSV staff persons, Jeannie Harsh and Richard Hays

First Presbyterian Church 17 S. Main Street Fredericktown, OH 43019 Phone: 740-694-4751 [email protected]

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