Health and Physical Education

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Physical Education – Exercise Science Students at HACC ... Rock can transfer into the Health and Physical Education Degree only the following General ...

Student Name Transfer Institution:

Harrisburg Area Community College

Slippery Rock University

Physical Education – Exercise Science Students at HACC Courses that follow satisfy requirements for Slippery Rock University in Health and Physical Education. Slippery Rock can transfer into the Health and Physical Education Degree only the following General Education courses. The courses that follow do not represent a HACC Associate Degree. If you wish to additionally acquire a General Studies Associate Degree see your advisor. The notations in parenthesis, i.e. (LS) are the SRU requirements. HACC Diversity requirement (3 cr) – Select from current Diversity list. ENGL 101 ENGL 102 SPCH 101 Core A Core A Core B Core B Core C Core C CIS 105_ Transfer Elec Transfer Elec Transfer Elec Transfer Elec Transfer Elec

(Liberal Studies) (ENGL 103) (COMM 200) (LS Arts) ART 181, 182, 183, MUS 102, THTR 101 (ENGL 210) ENGL 203, 204, 207 (LS, US) HIST 103, 104, 107, GP 201 (LS Human Inst) PSYC 101 (LS Sci 1, Maj Req) ASTR 103, 104, BIOL 101, 103, 108, CHEM 100, 101, 113, GEOL 101, METR 101, PHSC 113, PHYS 105, 201, 211 (LS Math 1) MATH 202 (HACC Req) (Maj Req prereq) MATH 103 (LS Sci Tech Enrichment, Maj Req) PSYC 201 (LS Global 1) ANTH 101, Any ARAB, FRCH, GRMN, SPAN, GEOG 101, 201, HIST 101, 111, 201, GP 205 (LS Global 2) From list above different department (LS Human Inst Enrichment) PSYC 212

Additional Transfer Elective: 1. 2. 3.

0-Level courses do not count toward graduation requirements and will not transfer. HD courses may not transfer. Minimum GPA to apply, 3.0. Courses for Slippery Rock University have been selected by joint agreement of HACC and SRU. However, curricula are subject to change. Please speak with your advisor and/or the SRU transfer counselor if you have any questions.

Recommended Application Deadlines: transfer date.

Students are advised to apply one semester prior to desired

Website: Contacts: SRU Admissions Office Emily Riggs Assistant Director of Admissions for Transfer Services Slippery Rock University of PA [email protected]


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