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•Use the lowest possible mean network temp – a flow temp of. 130°C is not ... Joining the organisation will ensure you gain the tools to develop your scheme.

Energy Services

Cofely’s Approach to District Energy


Mike Smith Non-Executive Director & Public Sector Advisor Cofely District Energy


•The Key Roles of Local Gov’t and Public Authorities •Why take a Thermal/Cooling connection •Issues and Solutions •Delivery Models •Project Examples

Key Roles of Local Govt & Public Authorities in the development of integrated district energy schemes •Strategic planning, city design and development control •Persuading owners & occupiers to link to schemes •Leverage as land & property owners •Licensing and way leaves for mains and cables •Councils are large potential customers •Best practice dissemination •Influence at regional , national and European government levels •Meeting national and local obligations •Governance

Why Take a Thermal/Cooling Connection ? •Capital cost savings – connection charge up to 20% less than conventional plant

•Space savings – direct connections mean no plant space required – very valuable in urban areas •No roof mounted plant – planning gain •Operating cost savings – up to 10% when compared to the alternative cost of heating/cooling •Guaranteed savings – prices linked to basket of indices to ensure savings maintained throughout life of the contract

•Delivers on carbon saving targets and indicators •Ensures full and genuine outsourcing of energy supplies = risk transfer

The Benefits

District Energy delivers:

 financial savings  carbon savings

District Energy

Piping heating & potentially cooling to buildings – “Energy Linking” Heat Losses - 1°C per km Reliability ~ 100% (99.98% for Southampton)

Issues and Solutions Issue


Energy Density

Focus on dense urban areas – DE is not suitable for low rise housing, except if cost of heat production/carbon content is very low

Significant Investment Required in Energy Network

• • • •

Initial and Long Term Viability

• Develop scheme in partnership with LA/other public sector bodies to provide core loads • Take a long term view, typical concessions are 25 to 40 years • Incentives – FIT, RHI etc... – take these into account but do not rely on them – recent experience has shown they can be changed at short notice

Total Capital Cost

Always check the ratio of total energy sales/consumption on the network (£) to capex (£) – a ratio of 1:10 is not likely to work !

Consider use of car parks, existing tunnels etc.. Optimise network layout/size Consider use of plastic pipes Use high temp diff between flow and return to minimise pipe sizes

Issues and Solutions



Return Temperatures

Always design for a low return temperature AND commission to achieve this – •Maximises energy recovery from LZC plant & •If not achieved in practice then temperature difference will be compromised > significantly reducing network capacity

Network Losses

Yes district heating networks have losses but they can and should be minimised – good practice
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