limousine agreement

LIMOUSINE AGREEMENT. Maximum capacity of the car is 8 passengers and is not to exceed unless discussed and agreed upon prior to pick up. We are not liable or responsible for anything you may have left in the car. Please, check your belongings before exiting. 1. You are FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for any ...

LIMOUSINE AGREEMENT  Maximum capacity of the car is 8 passengers and is not to exceed unless discussed and agreed  upon prior to pick up.  We are not liable or responsible for anything you may have left in the car. Please, check your  belongings before exiting.   1. You are FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for any physical damage done to the car by  you or your party.  2. Eating, drinking, and smoking in the car is PROHIBITED, in order to preserve the  original upholstery and wood veneer.   3. In the sole judgment of the driver, he/she determines that the behavior of you  or your guests is out of control, unsafe, illegal, dangerous, or irresponsible to  lives and/or property; he/she may terminate the run and order all occupants  out of the car. He/she may or may not issue a warning before taking such  action. If this happens, you will not receive a refund.  4. No cancelation or refund.   5. By signing this contract, you are authorizing Vallejo Airporter Shuttle &  Limousine Service to charge your credit card for any unpaid charges such as  gratuity, overtime, cleaning charges, and damages.   CLEANING FEES:   There is a $250.00 cleaning fee, if the car must be cleaned due to someone getting sick in the car  or any kind of spills.  DAMAGES:   

$20.00 for any broken wine glasses or pitchers 

ADDITIONAL CHARGES: “not covered by your coupon”   

20% (Gratuity, Tolls, and Taxes) based on the pre‐discounted value of the coupon 


Any over time is based on $100/per hour 

I have read, understood and will comply with the previsions stated above.  Name:_______________________________________________________  Signature:_____________________________________________________  Date: _________________________________________________________    Coupon Number: ________________________________________________ 

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Whereas, Chauffeur agrees to perform these services for Service owner under the terms and conditions set forth in this contract;. Now, therefore, for and in ...

TOWNSHIP OF TEANECK. Limousine. Application Type (Please check all that apply). NEW. Renewal. Limousine. OWNERS INFORMATION. Owners Last Name.

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(If outside of area, we charge hourly rate from time vehicle leaves office till it returns). 4 hour minimum. 3 passenger non-stretch Black Lincoln Town Car. $65/hr.

Taxi and Limousine. APPLICATION TYPE (Please check all applicable. New Limousine. Renewal Taxi. OWNER INFORMATION (Please provide all information):.

All airport, admin, Lic fees included. (Except 20% gratuity). Wine Tours • Weddings • Parties • Birthdays • Proms. Experience the difference.. RYE LIMOUSINE, INC m. Airport Transportation. East Bay To/From: Oakland. $90. $116. SFO. $109. $134

Page 1. Reserve your date today! 813399. 9-11-16. 715-289-3434 •

Bet. 6am-10pm + $5 bet. 10pm-6am. Bourne limousine. 508-580-1120,. Brockton, Ma. $95 one ... $90 + 20% have big vans that can hold 10+. Black Diamond.