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Starbucks arrived in Birmingham, and a .... looks terrific and certainly will be a pleasure to use. ... would like to read this summer and donate $1 for each book. All.

N u m b e r 7, V o l u m e X V

Clergy The Rev. Margaret H. Taylor Rector The Rev. Dr. Wilton Bunch Priest Associate The Rev. Preston Colangelo Deacon The Rev. Charles A. Taylor Priest Affiliate

Vestry Senior Warden: Richard Riley 515-4968 Junior Warden: Bob Northcutt 987-0305 Junior Warden Team: Susan Peppenhorst 979-4604 Lauren Woolley 529-9048 Other Vestry Members: Bo Dikeman 601-5397 Midge Ray 823-4994 Elizabeth Rabon 425-8637 Suzanne Shipley 823-6421 Treasurer: Ed Blair 403-0991 Clerk: Judy Lee 425-4553

J u l y 2 00 9

M AG G I E ’ S M E A N D E R I N G S Reflections from the Rector I was talking with an old friend recently, and we were telling stories about how we had first come to the Episcopal Church, I as part of my early adulthood search, and she after a bitter divorce and expulsion from her community of faith. She not only had lost her marriage, but she lost her church as well, and felt angry and bereft for a very long time. So many of us come to church bearing scars from other churches or denominations. Like my friend, we may have suffered from terrible intolerance and lack of pastoral care; others may have chafed under churches whose doctrinal demands required unquestioned belief; others just may not yet know quite what they believe, and they wonder if there is a place that will accept them. Years ago, when Holy Apostles first opened her doors, a young man who had been to worship a number of times already, asked me if we might meet for one of my “exploring membership Starbuck coffees.” [That was before Starbucks arrived in Birmingham, and a corner of Barnes and Noble became the Holy Apostles Annex.] He had been raised a Baptist and joined the Episcopal church as an adult, yet the truth was, there was an awful lot he could not quite yet believe about the Christian faith … “Is there room for me here at Holy

Apostles???” he asked. That’s when I gave him an encapsulated version of an Inquirers’ class. The Episcopal Church does not demand adherence to a certain creed or doctrine [in other words, believe these 14 things or you are out of the church!] as much as it provides a place where we can gather to ask our questions and share our doubts together. We teach the historic faith and teachings of the church, we discuss various ways of understanding, we study together, and discuss and ponder and put aside … then pick up again where we left off... we worship and work and pray together, laugh and grow together, and we see how God works in our lives. For those who feel they have no particular faith at all, I encourage them to come anyway, just to be with us, and let the church do the believing for awhile! It is always amazing how much strength and how much believing and trust actually grows out of the community, the Body of Christ. The young man joined the church, and although he moved away, he eventually went to Bible studies, then to EfM, and now it may be fair to say that he has deeply embraced the church and come to find its teachings – most of them! – embedded in his soul. (Continued on page 2)

N u m b e r 7, V o l u m e X V

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Here is what I say to those who come into our doors, even tentatively – as Philip said to Nathanael, in the Gospel of John, when Nathanael remarked “can anything good come out of Nazareth??” [meaning Jesus!] – “Come and see!” … you don’t have to change for us; you don’t have to be someone’s idea of perfect. Just come and join in with us – you may be amazed at what you discover here! You will find God’s love taught and preached and lived out; you will find us wrestling with ideas; you will find a community, the whole of which is greater than the sum of the parts. Do you want to know more about Jesus? Come and see …

God love you!


THANKS, THANKS, & THANKS The vestry especially thanks the Lawn Crews for the wonderful looking yard – it’s a joy to drive up the driveway to such clean and green conditions. Yvette Heath continues to receive our thanks for the two gardens, with particular thanks to Jonathon and Don Heath for the new footpath. The new kitchen cabinets, counter top and window sill are in - all done by our own Bill Davis and Paul Gilbert. Our kitchen looks terrific and certainly will be a pleasure to use. Lastly, the Men’s Group bought a new coffee maker and the marble sill for the kitchen. So many thanks gratefully given.

T H E E P I S C O PA L C H U R C H O F T H E H O LY A P O S T L E S The Episcopal Church of the Holy Apostles is located at 424 Emery Drive in Hoover, Alabama, Tel. 988-8000.

Summer Worship Schedule


Saturday: 5 pm Eucharist Sunday: 9:15 am Choir Rehearsal 10:30 am Eucharist w/ child care 11:30 am Coffee hour


Directions: Take Highway 150 three miles past the Galleria, turn left on Stadium Trace Parkway, take the first left onto Emery Drive. Church Office Hours: Our administrative assistant, Teresa Byars is in the office 9 am to 3 pm on Monday and Wednesday and she works flexible hours on Tuesday and Thursday. While the rector does not have set hours, she is frequently in the office, although Friday is her regular day off. In an emergency, call the Rector at home at 980-5738. Send announcements for the bulletin to: [email protected]

Mission Statement The Episcopal Church of the Holy Apostles welcomes all as we would welcome Christ, and He is the compass for our direction. To fulfill our mission to grow in body, mind, spirit, and ministry, we: ~ Provide a joyful and nurturing home for God’s children of all ages ~ Contribute to the spiritual enrichment of individuals and the community through worship, study, programs, and fellowship ~ Utilize the unique gifts of each man, woman, and child in our liturgy and in the life of the parish ~ Joyfully serve the hungry and the hungry of heart both within our parish family and the larger community

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T h e V o i c e : J ul y 2 0 09

V AC AT I O N B I B L E S C H O O L , J U N E 2 00 9 Toni Leo – Director of VBS The program for this year’s Vacation Bible School was "Discovery Canyon" which highlights a journey into the discovery of God’s love. There were two theme words - "Rejoice" and "Prayer". To represent these two words, the children created two beautiful presentations - one of Rejoicing Butterflies which adorned the altar for the Sunday service on June 7th and which now stand in a vase near the piano. The second representation was - Pocket prayers - paper plates made into pockets, which are filled with multicolored flowers. These wonderful, colorful creations are hanging in the narthex on the bulletin board over the credenza. Mary Lucas, a friend of Holy Apostles, who volunteered her time for VBS this year, helped the children make these two words – Rejoice & Prayer come alive. Please take a look at these works the next time you are at church.

together in song and sang a meditative piece of music from Sunrise Canyon: "Thank you O Lord, for you are the one true God!!" It was a very uplifting song and added so much to the beauty of the service!

I wish to thank the wonderful teachers who made VBS possible: Rosemary Bogan, Beth Galloway, Lynda Gilbert, Yvette Heath, Susan Jackson, Margaret Lotz, Barbara McEntegart, Jan Mize and Emily Newton. A big thank you to the very helpful youth staff who helped so much this year In addition to these expressive creations, Molly Bogan, the children made additional arts and Caleb Gilbert and crafts, participated in music (both singing Shep Lotz. and playing instruments), bible study and Be on the lookout enjoyed games and recreation. On June for a survey 7th, the Sunday after Vacation Bible regarding VBS for 2010!! School, the children and choir joined

AUCTION NEWS Mike Lewallen The auction committee is meeting monthly to plan for a great event. We are currently looking for people to be “category leaders” for each of the categories of auction items. The category leaders encourage people to donate (or solicit) items for the category, gather these items as the auction date nears, and then prepare and set up the category area on the day of the auction. Since each category leader is responsible just for one area, it really spreads the work around. If interested, please contact Mike Lewallen at 205-548-9869 or Kevin McEntegart at 205-213-8260. Meanwhile, please solicit (find or make!) items for the auction. Lists of suggested items and donation forms are available on the ministry table in the narthex. Help us make this event a great success!

HOLY GIFTS CORNER Tony Kok The display of the paintings of Teresa McCombs will continue through the month of July. Look for a newsletter article and the display of Barbara McEntegart’ work beginning in August.

Post Office Box 361352 Birmingham, AL 35236 Tel. 205-988-8000

Visitors to Holy Apostles Heather and Joel God, Hoover Stephen & Jo Vincent, Bentonville, AZ Lana Leo, Huntsville, AL Velvet Preston, Hoover, AL Patricia Nakamura, Milwaukee, WI We hope you come again soon!

T H I S M O N T H AT H O LY A P O S T L E S July 13 – Vestry July 26 – Potluck brunch after church in honor of The Rev. Charles Taylor’s 50th anniversary of his ordination! Come and make this celebration unforgettable! Holy Gifts Display – Paintings by Teresa McCombs continues through July Don’t forget the Beach Books table. Bring your books to donate and add them to the collection. Then choose other books you would like to read this summer and donate $1 for each book. All proceeds go to the ministries of Holy Apostles.


August 2 – The Acolytes’ wonderful Pancake Breakfast after the 10:30 am service. Come one and all! August 9 – Auction Committee Meeting, immediately following 10:30 am service September 13 – Rally Day Potluck Brunch and Ministry Fair after the 10:30 am service September 20 – Fall worship schedule resumes with 8 am Eucharist and 9:15 Sunday View this newsletter School for ages 3 – adult in color at Oct 10 – Autumn Treasures - 6th Annual Fall Auction. Please collect donations over the summer

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