redbooth advances in the enterprise with the power of

Apr 27, 2015 - The large global companies we work with, such as Cisco, eBay, ... Analytics is available on Redbooth's Business Plan, as well as the new ...

REDBOOTH  ADVANCES  IN  THE  ENTERPRISE  WITH  THE  POWER  OF  SEAMLESS,  STRAIGHTFORWARD   COLLABORATION  AND  COMMUNICATION  TO  EASILY  MANAGE  GLOBAL  AGILE  WORKFORCE       Best  of  Interop  Finalist  and  Gartner  Cool  Vendor  Redbooth  Introduces  Collaboration  Analytics  and  Offers   Transparency  and  Accountability  to  Help  Managers  and  Employees  Monitor  Progress  with  Real-­‐Time     Data  Across  Teams  and  Their  Work   REDWOOD  CITY,  CALIF.  –  April  27,  2015  –  Redbooth,  the  award-­‐winning  real-­‐time  workplace   collaboration  and  communication  platform  used  by  more  than  6,000  companies  worldwide,  today   announced  at  Interop  Las  Vegas  the  introduction  of  Redbooth  Analytics.  Based  on  today’s  business   appetite  to  gather  more  performance  analytics,  Redbooth  Analytics  will  provide  insights  on  the  work  of   enterprise  groups  —  ownership,  overdue  tasks,  completion  potential,  and  active  work  —  that  will  aid  in   understanding  how  cross-­‐functional  teams  are  truly  performing  and  identifying  opportunities  to   improve  productivity.  With  Redbooth’s  latest  secure  enterprise  solution,  Private  Cloud,  and  new   integrations  of  Box  Enterprise  and  Okta,  teams  are  better  equipped  than  ever  to  create  a  collaborative   workspace  that  runs  securely,  efficiently  and  effectively.  Redbooth  is  an  Interop  Las  Vegas  2015  Best  of   Interop  Awards  Finalist  in  the  Applications  category,  located  at  Booth  1250  at  the  Mandalay  Bay   Convention  Center.     Redbooth  Analytics  collects  and  visualizes  collaboration  data,  giving  both  managers  and  teams   transparent  insight  on  what  is  happening  across  tasks,  projects  and  groups.  In  turn,  this  gives  company   leaders  a  better  idea  of  how  the  company  is  operating,  which  teams  are  working  efficiently,  and  which   are  falling  behind.     “Enterprises  are  hungry  for  seamless  integrations  and  extensive  capabilities,  as  well  as  analytics  and   insights,  to  help  better  manage  teams.  The  large  global  companies  we  work  with,  such  as  Cisco,  eBay,   GE,  and  Volkswagen,  are  already  driving  engagement  and  efficiency  using  Redbooth’s  collaboration   platform.  We  wanted  to  provide  them  with  real-­‐time  insights  that  help  both  managers  and  teams   optimize  allocation  of  work  and  drive  accountability  and  transparency,”  said  Dan  Schoenbaum,  CEO  of   Redbooth.  “In  conjunction  with  our  latest  integrations  with  Box  Enterprise,  OneLogin  and  Okta,  it’s   easier  than  ever  for  work  to  happen  securely  and  efficiently  right  on  Redbooth’s  platform.  We’re   honored  that  Interop  recognizes  us  as  a  finalist  for  the  communication  solutions  we  are  bringing  to  the   agile  enterprise,  and  look  forward  to  introducing  a  new  view  of  real-­‐time  communication  and   collaboration  to  conference  attendees.”     ”We  extend  a  big  congratulations  to  Redbooth  and  all  Best  of  Interop  finalists  on  the  success  of  their   new  products  and  positive  impact  on  business  efficiency,”  said  Interop  General  Manager  Jennifer  Jessup.   “These  are  the  types  of  advancements  that  define  the  future  of  IT,  and  we’re  excited  for  Interop   attendees  to  be  able  to  experience  them  firsthand  in  the  Expo.”     Analytics  is  available  on  Redbooth’s  Business  Plan,  as  well  as  the  new  Redbooth  Private  Cloud,  an  on-­‐ premise  version  of  Redbooth’s  platform  that  provides  secure  enterprise  chat,  user  access  provisioning,   team  collaboration,  project  management,  and  business  application  integration.  Private  Cloud  is  designed   to  meet  the  compliance,  security,  and  data  privacy  requirements  of  large  corporations  and  highly   regulated  industries,  such  as  finance  and  healthcare.  Since  security  and  privacy  are  top-­‐of-­‐mind   concerns  for  these  companies,  Private  Cloud  is  built  to  work  behind  firewalls  and  is  easy  for  IT  managers  

to  set  up,  with  full  control  over  installation,  data  storage  and  security.     New  integrations  with  Box  Enterprise  and  Okta  mean  Redbooth’s  users  can  continue  to  collaborate  in   the  most  efficient  way  possible.  By  partnering  with  Box,  a  secure  content-­‐sharing  platform,  enterprises   can  customize  content  management  features  and  tap  into  Box’s  best-­‐in-­‐class  visual  experience  of   documents  across  mobile  and  web  platforms.  With  this  integration,  enterprise  IT  leaders  will  have  even   greater  capabilities  to  tailor  the  Redbooth  platform  to  their  particular  work  management  style  and   needs,  making  deployment  easier  than  ever.     Redbooth  has  partnered  with  Okta,  an  enterprise-­‐grade  identity  management  service,  to  offer  high-­‐ strength  security,  audit  capabilities,  and  identity  management.  This  helps  to  ensure  that  Redbooth   seamlessly  integrates  with  enterprise  applications  while  meeting  corporate  security  standards.       The  Best  of  Interop  Awards  recognizes  exhibitors  for  innovation  and  technological  advancements  in  nine   technology  categories.  Award  winners  will  be  announced  from  Interop  Las  Vegas  2015,  which  takes   place  April  27-­‐May  1  at  the  Mandalay  Bay  Convention  Center.  Redbooth  will  demo  Analytics  at  Booth   #1250,  and  Redbooth  Chief  Evangelist  David  Carr,  author  of  Social  Collaboration  for  Dummies,  will  host  a   session  titled  “10  Keys  to  Collaboration  for  the  Agile  Enterprise”  on  Tuesday,  April  28  at  2:30pm.       Redbooth  Analytics  is  now  available  for  enterprise.  For  more  information  about  how  Analytics  can  help   your  company,  visit:  For  more  information  about  Redbooth   integrations,  visit:     About  Redbooth   Redbooth  is  the  award-­‐winning  platform  that  empowers  teams  and  companies  to  collaborate,   communicate  in  real  time,  and  achieve  breakthrough  productivity.  Redbooth  is  used  by  more  than  6,000   companies  across  the  globe  to  transform  the  way  they  work,  including  Al  Jazeera,  App  Annie,  Deutsche   Telekom,  eBay,  Harvard  University,  Nvidia,  the  Red  Cross,  ReMax,  Spotify,  Thomson  Reuters,   Volkswagen  Audi,  Warner  Brothers  and  Western  Digital.  Founded  in  Barcelona  in  2008,  the  company  is   privately  held  and  headquartered  in  Redwood  City,  California.  For  more  information  about  Redbooth   and  a  free  trial,  visit   Media  Contact:   Vanessa  Giacoppo   Resound  Marketing  on  behalf  of  Redbooth   [email protected]   609-­‐279-­‐0050  x108     ###    

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