Resurrecting Faith

A cookie reception will be held in the ARK after the dedica- tion. ... Please come forward to receive gluten-free communion from the server standing by the ... CCC Youth will be hosting a Youth Service Silent Auction in the Narthex on April 10th.

Youth Group—6:00 PM

“Resurrecting Faith”


Every Week Youth Arts in Choir Room—Day and Time TBA Every Sunday 6:00 PM Youth Group 2nd Monday of Month10:00 AM The Callers Group Meeting—Pastor’s Study Every Monday 8:30 AM Prayer Ministry—Parlor Every Monday 6:30 PM Majestic Voice Rehearsal—Community Room Every Tuesday 8:00 PM German Choir Rehearsal—Choir Room) Every Wednesday 6:00 PM Grief Share—Chapel Every Wednesday 6:00 PM Handbell Choir—Sanctuary Every Wednesday 7:30 PM Chancel Choir—Choir Room (Childcare is now available during Chancel Choir rehearsal—please join us!_______ Friday, April 8 Shari out of office—Office Volunteers will staff the office Friday, April 8 6:30 PM Family Movie Night—”The Good Dinosaur”— Community Room Saturday, April 9 9:00 AM Elders Breakfast Meeting—Rev. Sarah’s home Saturday, April 9 12:00 PM Saturday Book Club—Beyesly’s Restaurant Sunday, April 10 9:00 AM Youth Services Silent Auction—Narthex Sunday, April 10 11:30 AM Children’s Library Dedication/Blessing and Cookie Reception in ARK Children’s Library Dedication/Blessing NEXT Sunday, April 10, 11:30 AM All are invited to join us downstairs next Sunday for the dedication/blessing of the new Children’s Library. A cookie reception will be held in the ARK after the dedication.

Ministry Team Rev. Sarah Taylor Peck, Senior Minister Brian Miller, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry John Hayward, Minister of Music Karl Harsney, Organist Shari Keim, Office Manager

Gen Kriska, Nursery Jody Lindower, Bell Choir Director Paige Burris, Director of Children’s Music Rick Wallenfelsz, Facilities Manager Heather Wilkinson, Wedding Coordinator

Community Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 210 North Main Street, North Canton, OH 44720 330-499-5458

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Worship ~ 10:00 AM Community Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

North Canton, OH

April 3, 2016 (Please sign the Attendance Register as it is passed) *Those able may stand

Carillon Call to Worship (Please be seated) Karl Harsney Morning Welcome John Hayward Prelude “Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain (tune: Gaudeamus partier)”… J. Biery Choral Call to Worship “The Strife Is O’er” [Vs. 1] No. 221 *Call to Worship** Brian Miller Leader: Happy Easter Season! People: The joy of Easter still sings in our hearts. Leader: Breathe the breath of new life in your spirits! People: We open our hearts to all the wondrous work God has for us to do. Leader: Welcome to worship this glorious day! People: Let our lives be testimony to God’s redeeming love. AMEN. *Hymn

“Crown Him with Many Crowns”

No. 234

Pastoral Prayer John Hayward Solo “My Tribute”...Andrae Crouch John Hayward, Baritone; Karl Harsney, Keyboard Scripture John 20:19-31 Beth Cavalier Sermon “Resurrecting Faith” Brian Miller Call to Offering Haley Wilkinson Offertory Prayer Haley Wilkinson Offertory “That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright”...Thomas Gieschen *Doxology No. 46 Children’s Moment Invitation to Communion*

Brian Miller John Hayward

*Please take your communion from the tray as it is passed and hold on to it. We will all partake of communion together. Please come forward to receive gluten-free communion from the server standing by the pulpit as everyone is served. (Communion cups are double stacked with the wafer in the bottom cup.)

Prayers for the Loaf and Cup

Beth Cavalier and Noelle Esway

Communion Music “The Easter Sequence”...Wilbur Held Words of Institution John Hayward Participation in Lord’s Supper All who believe in Jesus as Christ are welcome at the Lord’s Table. (We use grape juice.)

The Lord’s Prayer (Sung by the Congregation—led by John Hayward) We use the words “debts” and “debtors” in the Lord’s Prayer.

Invitation to Discipleship

Brian Miller

We invite those who desire to accept Christ as Savior and Lord, and those who wish to unite with this congregation by transfer of membership, to come forward during Hymn of Invitation.

*Hymn of Invitation “Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me” [Vs. 1 & 4] No. 214 *Benediction Brian Miller *Benediction Response “O Christ, the Way, the Truth, the Life” [Vs. 1] No. 432 Postlude “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (tune: Victamae paschali)”… James Biery ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TODAY’S ALTAR FLOWERS Today’s altar flowers are in honor of the Prayer Ministry From Gene and Judy Brown ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

WORSHIP LEADERSHIP Elder #1 (Scripture): Beth Cavalier Elder #2: Noelle Esway Deacons: Gemma Giannantonio, Brian Hocking, Amanda Cavalier, Dennis Woody Communion Preparer: Gemma Giannantonio Ushers: Kris Malone, Lois McMullen, Jim Malone Greeters: Bonnie Tewanger and Chuck Dill **Call to Worship by Nancy C. Townley

April 10th & 17th: Youth Service Silent Auction CCC Youth will be hosting a Youth Service Silent Auction in the Narthex on April 10th through 17th before and after service. You are invited to place bids on these services, such as: babysitting, mulching, raking leaves, mowing, a service of your choice, etc. All proceeds will go towards the 2016 Youth Mission Trip to Ashville, North Carolina. Thank you for supporting the youth at Community Christian Church.

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