Spring Football Tournament

May 18, 2018 - minute running clock. The clock will only stop the last 2 minutes ... 2nd– Team Trophy, Players individual medals .... “Radio edit” music only. .... and should lead by example by demonstrating fairness, respect, and self-control.

Memorial Day Weekend

Spring Football Tournament Date of Event:

May 26th – May 28th


Greenwood Sports Complex, Henrico Virginia


$20 for the weekend, $8 per day, kids 6 under free

Cost (Non-Refundable): $295 per team,

Registration Deadline:

May 18th, 2018

Mandatory Check-in:

Friday, May 25th from 5 PM – 9 PM.


Ages as of June 1, 2018 6U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11u, 12U, 13U & 14U

Tournament Format:

Each team will have a two-game guarantee. Games will consist of four quarters; each quarter will be played with a 10minute running clock. The clock will only stop the last 2 minutes of the half and end of the game. The Championship games on Monday will be four 10 minute quarters using NFHS rules.


1st – Team Trophy, Players individual medals 2nd– Team Trophy, Players individual medals


NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED! There will be open concessions throughout the entire tournament weekend. All violators will be asked to leave properties if they refuse to comply.


www.vayfl.org Ronald Irving 804-892-8577 Virginia Youth Football

Memorial Day Weekend

Spring Football Tournament League/Team Name: Division:

(6U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U,12U, 13U or 14U) Tournament Check List

Financial Status_______________ Complete Roster______________ Code of Conduct Explained_____________ Birth Certificates or DMV ID_____________ Acceptance of Rules & Guidelines___________

When you arrive for check-in – Please have all paperwork ready. All players will be checked before each game. Players should be in alphabetical order. The parents of all players must have signed the waiver/release, as well as the player certification form for the player to be eligible. Birth certificates or DMV ID must be present. Parent need not be present for team check-in. Players must be present. Please have all documents in alphabetical order by the player, and line up players to be checked one by 1 in alpha order.

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

Spring Football Tournament This document contains the official playing rules for the Memorial Day Weekend Tournament. The tournament follows the current version of the NFHS Football Rules as adopted by the Commonwealth of Virginia, with the Following additions, exceptions, and clarifications as enumerated herein.

Table of Contents Tournament Player Eligibility & Guidelines Playing Rules Player, Coach, & Parent Code of Conduct

Memorial Day Weekend

Tournament Player Eligibility & Guidelines 1. Players must meet the tournament age requirements as follows: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h.

6U: 8U: 9U: 10U: 11U: 12U: 13U: 14U:

Must be 6 on 6/1/2018 (Cannot be 7 years old on or before 8/1/2018) Must be 8 on 6 /1/2018 (Cannot be 9 years old on or before 8/1/2018) Must be 9 on 6 /1/2018 (Cannot be 10 years old on or before 8/1/2018) Must be 10 on 6/1/2018 (Cannot be 11 years old on or before 8/1/2018) Must be 11 on 6/1/2018 (Cannot be 12 years old on or before 8/1/2018) Must be 12 on 6/1/2018 (Cannot be 13 years old on or before 8/1/2018) Must be 13 on 6/1/2018 (Cannot be 14 years old on or before 8/1/2018) Must be 14 on 6/1/2018 (Cannot be 15 years old on or before 8/1/2018)

II. DUTIES OF COACHES AND TEAMS 1. There shall be no smoking, tobacco chewing, or drinking of alcoholic beverages on the field of play during practice or games. Tobacco, alcoholic beverages and drugs are not permitted on any premises at any time per VAYFL policy. This policy also applies to other VAYFL events, or any premises in which official CVAYFC activity is conducted.

2. ANY PERSON SUSPECTED TO BE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL OR DRUGS WILL BE REQUIRED TO LEAVE THE GREENWOOD PROPERTY OR OTHER VAYFL USED PREMISES. Any coach who is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any time will be removed from the premises.

3. All coaches and fans are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior while at VAYFL games, i.e., no cursing, obscenities, or otherwise unsportsmanlike conduct. Vulgar language is strictly prohibited. Coaches are expected to encourage and enforce this behavior among their players, cheerleaders, and parents. See VAYFL Code of Conduct

4. Unsportsmanlike conduct of a coach or spectator is subject to removal from the premises. 5. No pets are allowed anywhere on GREENWOOD property or other VAYFL premises. Coaches, players, and cheerleaders shall remain within the 20-yard line markers during the playing of games. All fans must stay behind the line or cones marking 4 yards back from the sideline. No coaches are allowed on the field of play, and no one is allowed in or around the end zone area. This rule applies to all spectators, players, and coaches, not just those associated with the game in progress. When games are played on competition fields with grandstands – No parents or spectators will be allowed inside the fenced-in field area at any time. All spectators must watch from the grandstand. No outside photographers will be allowed within the field area at any time.

6. All head coaches have the responsibility of ensuring any and all assistant coaches, players, cheerleaders, and fans do not bring discredit to their team by word or action, such as use of foul language, playing dirty football, or participating in unsportsmanlike cheers. Memorial Day Weekend

7. The Head Football Coach is responsible for ensuring that NO music is to be played during a game. Music may be played before the start of a game, during halftime and at the conclusion of the game. “Radio edit” music only. Absolutely no explicit lyrics are allowed. No Music may be played during Championship games.

8. Loudspeaker/megaphone announcements and/or play-by-play of any sort during any game are prohibited.

9. It is recommended that all coaches inspect players or cheerleaders equipment to be sure it is of sufficient quality to be safe and protective, and is properly fit.

10. Each team will provide a three-person chain crew. The chains and down markers will be run

from the home team’s sideline, unless professional video services are employed by the league. In this case, the chain and down marker crew will function on the sideline opposite the camera.

11. Coaches, referees, and tournament staff members are responsible for enforcing all standards of conduct.

12. Use of cellular phones, handheld radios, “walkie-talkies”, or any other personal portable communications devices to communicate with coaches or individuals either on the field, on the sidelines, or in the stands is prohibited.


All games will be played by NFHS rules as adopted by the VAYFL except as noted herein.  Non-Championship Games: two 20 minute halfs. Running clock, with stoppage during last 2 minutes of each half (Last 2 minutes of each half timed). 1. Each Team will be allowed three (3) – 30-second time-outs per half 2. Half-Time will be 5 minutes  Championship Games: 10 minute quarters – Clock stoppage


All games will be played according to the schedule prepared by VAYFL. VAYFL will distribute schedule no later than first day of tournament. THE SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME AT VAYFL’s SOLE DISCRETION.


Any team failing to field the required number of players (11) within ten minutes of scheduled game time may forfeit said game and the game could be recorded as a game of record at the discretion of the Tournament Director.


All teams are required to play each game until conclusion unless authorized by the Tournament Director after consultation with the referees. Referees, coaches, and Tournament Director may call a game upon mutual agreement due to weather or other circumstances. If games already in progress are called due to weather they Memorial Day Weekend

will not be completed unless they have impact on championship berth.


At least three officials will be used in all games except 6U. 6U will have two referees. The Tournament will provide VHSL Certified Game Officials for all games.


Coaches are allowed to have water on the field for players, as long as it does not slow down or interfere with normal play. Water from the sidelines cannot be brought out between plays unless a time-out has been called or the referees have stopped play specifically for that reason.


In the interest of safety, no ladders or tents will be allowed on GREENWOOD property, or any other VAYFL premises, during games.


Extra points are awarded as follows: Run Forward Pass PAT Kick (No rush on 8U kick).


1 point 2 points 2 points

Punts     

6U & 8U punt will be walked off 25 yards unless inside the 40 yard line. When a team declares a punt, the team must punt. Fake punts are NOT allowed. All other age groups punts are live. Center may not be contacted until ball is kicked. Snaps must be made between the legs.


Overtime: teams will play successive overtime periods per rules starting from the 10-yard line until a winner is declared. Starting with the third overtime a team must go for a 2 point conversion after each score.


Ball size is according to division:

1) K2 will be the game ball (6U, 8U, & 10U) 2) 11U & 12U TDJ will be the game ball 3) 13U & 14U TDY will be the game ball 12. All players must use mouthpieces on the field of play at all times. 13.


Every player is expected to maintain a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Fighting will not be tolerated. Any player ejected for fighting will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. Ejection of a parent, spectator or coach from a game for inappropriate behavior by a game official or a VAYFL board member will result in parent/spectator/coach being removed from property and not allowed on any VAYFL Premises for remainder of tournament. The player will not be affected by the parent’s suspension. Memorial Day Weekend

18. Each player's football helmet must be NOCSAE approved.

IV. Judgment Calls, Protests, Infractions and Penalties 1. Referees shall be the final determiner of all actions and behavior on the field of play. All judgment calls shall reside totally with the referees and are not subject to tournament review.

2. Referees assigned to a game or any tournament member may cause the removal or ejection of any person from GREENWOOD property or other VAYFL premises for violation of any of these codes of behavior. Upon removal or ejection, that person must leave the field and premises immediately, may not remain in the proximity of the field, and possibly may not return for any subsequent games for the remainder of the tournament.

3. Protests can be made only on rules violations. No protest will be considered which is submitted over a referee’s judgment call.

4. All protests must be submitted immediately to the Tournament. Each point of protest and corresponding rule must be cited in the protest.

5. A review board of five (5) non-affected Executive Committee members shall render the final decision on the validity of any protest. If this condition cannot be met with (5) non- affected Executive Directors the President will appoint additional directors to complete a (5) person independent review panel for the specific protest. All decisions are final.

6. Any team found to be in violation of the player eligibility requirements may forfeit any game an ineligible player participated in.

Tournament Parent/Spectator/Coach/Player Code of Conduct Virginia Youth Football believes that: participation in any sports program plays an important role in promoting the physical, social, and emotional development of our youth. It is essential for VAYFL to provide a positive and enjoyable learning experience for our children; teaching sportsmanship, fair play, integrity, honor, respect, loyalty, personal courage, and dedication through the game of football and cheer. Furthermore, parents, coaches, spectators, and officials involved in youth sports events should be models of such statements and should lead by example by demonstrating fairness, respect, and self-control. Listed below are behaviors that are expected by our parents, spectators, coaches and players:        

Encourage all players and praise great plays from both teams. Keep all comments positive and support the efforts of the coaches, officials, and the league. Only players and coaches are allowed on the field. No exceptions. Leave the coaching to the coaches. Criticizing the officials, coaches, opponents, or fans will not be tolerated. Only coaches and players shall speak to the officials. Understand that all officials do their utmost to be impartial; they try their best to provide a safe and suitable environment so that the game is well played. Profanity, drug, alcohol, or tobacco use during any Virginia Youth Football event is prohibited and offenders will be immediately removed from the field. Memorial Day Weekend

   

Children who are spectators and are not participating at that time are the responsibility of the parent or guardian. The child needs to be supervised at all times and remain within close proximity of their parent or guardian. Parents must supervise and prevent behaviors which interfere with game play or damage the property of Virginia Youth Football. Ejection of a parent, spectator or coach from a game for inappropriate behavior by a game official or a VAYFL board member will result in parent/spectator/coach being removed from property and not allowed on any VAYFL Premises for remainder of tournament. The player will not be affected by the parent’s suspension. Any parent or spectator that threatens an official or coach will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament, and not allowed on any VAYFL Premises. Any Player ejected from a game by a game official will be suspended for the remainder of the game, as well as be suspended for the 1st half of the team’s next game, if applicable. If an issue arises during the game, please locate a VAYFL board member to discuss your concerns or you can speak with the coach following the game. Arguments or discussions should be addressed with the coach following the completion of the game. Virginia Youth Football expects ALL coaches and parents to create a fun, positive, and secure environment for the players and cheerleaders.

Memorial Day Weekend

Team Name: League:

Division: Date:


Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach


Jersey Number

Birth Date

Parent/Guardian Name (Printed)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Memorial Day Weekend

Parent/Guardian Emergency Contact #


Jersey Number

Birth Date

Parent/Guardian Name (Printed)

Parent/Guardian Emergency Contact #

32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

As a duly authorized team representative, I acknowledge, agree and confirm that all team representatives and coaches accept full responsibility for the conduct of team players, coaches, and fans on and off the field and will promote only the best sportsmanship among all of us, win or lose. I further agree that all players, coaches, and fans will be bound by the Rules and Policies of Virginia Football Association, Inc. and that I have disclosed the VAYFL Parent/Spectator/Coach/Player Code of Conduct to each assistant coach, parent and player. I affirm and pledge that all information provided above regarding each player is true and correct, and that each of the players listed above is eligible to participate in the selected division as provided in the Winter Classic Tournament Player Eligibility Rules for Virginia Football Association, Inc.

Print Name

Head Coach (Signature)

Memorial Day Weekend

Acceptance of VAYFL Tournament Rules & Guidelines Team Name:




This Packet contains the forms, rules and procedures which must be adhered to for teams participating in the VAYFL Memorial Day Weekend Classic Tournament. The Head Coach of each team participating in the tournament is ultimately responsible for all record keeping, team finances and conduct of all participants (including parents, spectators, etc.) attending the tournament. This document must be submitted to VAYFL and must be notarized when and where indicated. Failure to have this document notarized will prevent your team’s acceptance into the tournament. All team documents must be returned to VAYFL no later than December 9, 2015. I have read and understand all VAYFL Tournament rules and guidelines, included in this packet, as well as the VAYFL Parent/Spectator/Coach/Player Code of Conduct, regarding my/our team’s participation in the Tournament. I understand that all teams participating in the tournament must arrive in Henrico, Virginia no later than 1 ½ Hours prior to each game to allow sufficient time for the tournament directors to verify player ages, team documentation etc. I further understand the failure to arrive in sufficient time, as noted above, may result in the team’s disqualification from the tournament. I understand the VAYFL Tournament begins on May 26th ,2018 and continues until May 28th, 2018. I have discussed the rules and expectations of conduct with all tournament participants, including but not limited to Coaches, Players, Parents and other spectators who may be attending as representatives of my/our team. All persons representing my/our team understand, have accepted and will abide by the VAYFL Winter Classic Tournament Rules.

Head Coaches’ Signature


Head Coaches’ Name (Print Only)

Memorial Day Weekend

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