Team Xplosion Website (

Once you login to the Team Xplosion website with your SportsEngine Account info, click "Become A Member" in the top left corner, if the button appears. If.

Team Xplosion Website ( *Important - Website Membership Instructions* Please follow these step-by-step instructions to become a Member of the Team Xplosion website in order to receive notifications and access other member exclusive information. 1.

Go to the At the top left corner of the page, you will see a small button to "Log In" or "Create Account."


If you have not already done so, click on "Create Account" and create your individual SportsEngine Account, which you will use to login to the Team Xplosion website. If you already have a SportsEngine Account, click "Log In" at the top left corner and enter your email & password to login to the Team Xplosion website.


Once you login to the Team Xplosion website with your SportsEngine Account info, click "Become A Member" in the top left corner, if the button appears. If you see no "Become A Member" button, then you are already a Member.


Once you are a Member of the Team Xplosion website, click on the dropdown menu with your username at the top left corner of the page and go to the very bottom option, "Account Settings."


In the "Account Information" section of the Account Settings page, add your email address and cell number (if you want to receive text messages).


In the "Notification Settings" section at the bottom of the Account Settings page, click the appropriate box(es) to choose how you would like to receive notifications (via email, text message, or both).


**Very Important** You MUST create a separate SportsEngine Account for every player (necessary to be added to a roster) AND every parent or family member that would like to access exclusive team content on the website and/or receive program or team notifications. Each SportsEngine Account holder will also separately need to "Become a Member" of the Team Xplosion Webpage and set up individualized Account Settings as indicated above.


Next, make sure to "link" your account to your player's account in order to get the same messages as the player. To do so, follow the instructions at the link below:


Once 2017 Team Rosters are finalized and added to the website, the page administrator will assign you to an appropriate team and you will begin getting team specific notifications according to your individualized Notification Settings. *HOWEVER, THIS WILL ONLY BEGIN ONCE ROSTERS ARE SET ON THE WEBPAGE AND THE SEASON BEGINS*

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