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7. The Grapevine. Elmira Corning Chapter. Where To Find Us. CAP-OM. Alice will be talk- ing with us about. “Constructing Your Career: Admin 4.0.” This meeting will be held at the Big Flats. Community Center. Debbie Fisher our Chair for the Annual Admin Luncheon is looking for volunteers to help with the luncheon. The.

The Grapevine The Grapevine Elmira Corning Chapter Elmira Corning Chapter JANUARY 2014

BOARD OF DIRECTORS President - Violet Wilson [email protected] Vice President - Diana Wetmore drockwell Treasurer - Linda Newell [email protected] Secretary - Wendy Axtell waxtell

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Pathways To Excellence


Dues Payment Plan




Annual Meeting Update


Slate of Officers


Is It Time To Change Careers


Digital Resumes


Tips On Staying Ahead


President’s Message I hope that everyone is not minding the cold weather too much and that, like I am, just waiting for spring to come.

CAP-OM. Alice will be talking with us about “Constructing Your Career: Admin 4.0.” This meeting will be held at the Big Flats Community Center.

Diana Wetmore did a great job with the webinar “The Art of Stepping Back” on Monday, February 3. I believe she had over 25 that joined in. Thank you Diana. I know you spent a lot of time putting this together.

Debbie Fisher our Chair for the Annual Admin Luncheon is looking for volunteers to help with the luncheon. The luncheon is May 1st at the Radisson Corning. If you are interested, please contact Debbie at [email protected]

Our next Program meeting is Monday, March 3 and our presenter is Alice Hartman

Where To Find Us Where To Find Us

Facebook -


Chapter's Webpage - NYS Division -

Page 2 PAGE 2

Purpose and Values

Our Core Purpose

ing and responding to member and stakeholder feed-

To ensure individuals working in office and administrative professions have the opportunity to connect, learn, lead

back. Excellence: Demonstrated

and excel.

by quality resources that

Our Core Values

support growth and devel-

Integrity: Demonstrated by honesty, accountability and ethical behavior consistent with an abiding respect for the dignity and value of individuals.

opment of the individual and the profession. Collaboration: Demonstrated by an inclusive culture that appreciates the value of diverse perspectives, the

Transparency: Demonstrated through listening, understand-

power of common vision, and equality among peers.

CRITERIA 7 Serve as a chapter, division,

Member of Excellence


Conduct a public career/workplace/ profession related presentation, program or training at least 60 minutes in length. (Note that the presentation does not need to qualify for recertification points).

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Member of Excellence sub-

Page 3 PAGE 3 JANUARY 2014


WEBINAR DuesIAAP Payment Plan Did you know that IAAP has webinars to help you with your professional development? Here are a few upcoming ones:

Starting in January professional membership and removal of all memGet Up To Speed With Adobe Photoshop 1:00 p.m. CST, January 22; eligible for 1.5 recertification points). Most people know members may use a payment bership photosho from its use in airbrushing models, plan but there are countless business benefits. and personal applications for the tool. This 90 minute session will build on the foundational tools of Photoshop to help beginners understand its use, and help intermediate for their dues. You have three opThe planquestions is foralong Professional users improve their skill set. Presenter, Neil Malek, will demonstrate each payment skill live, and answer the way. tions: dues only. The full amount of chapter Smarter E-Mail Management 1pm CST, Feb. 19, 2014; eligible for 1.5 recertification points. It’s not like it used to be… managing

heavy email volumes and important email information requires a unique approach and system in order do so effecAnnually - $138 andSmarter division dues must be topaid with tively. Email has the power to make or break, help or hinder outcomes, and relationships. the reputations first installment. Semi-annually - $72 payable

twice per year ($144)*

If using semi-annual or quarterly NEW SECRETARY— Wendythe Axtell payment plan, your first installment Wendy had approached the Nominating Committee in being our secretary for the 2014-2015 year when we Quarterly - $38 payable fourabout her interest ex-tends membership for either received notice that Deb Dunbar was unable to continue in the secretary position your for this year and said she would be willing to times per year ($152)* step in for the remainder of this year also. six-months (the semi-annual plan) or *First of support the payment Wendy installments provides administrative to the President of Marketfor Street Trust Company. Prior(the to joining Market Street Trust three-months quarterly plan). Company, she served as Executive Secretary to the President of Scranton Products, a division of CPG International located in plan option are due on renewal You will appropriate Scranton, PA. She has been a member of the Elmira Corning Chapter since 2010 then and has receive also attendedthe numerous conferences, date. Failure to payand any installment workshops and leadership continuing education courses. Wendy is active in the as partadditional of the Carder Elemeninvoices to community make the paytary Parent Teacher Association and was previously a Junior Achievement volunteer in Livingston County. payment will result in lapse of ments. Personally, Wendy and her husband live in South Corning and have three young boys. She is looking forward to taking a more active role in the chapter. Thank you Wendy.

Upcoming IAAP Webinars: The Art of


February 3 - Membership Meeting—Webinar

Stepping Back


Board Meeting

February 3, 2013 Excel Pivot Tables with Melissa Esquibel

March 3—Membership Meeting—Constructing Your

*Feb. 19, 2014 @1pm CST: If you will notice our February 3rd meeting April 7—Membership Meeting—Constructing Your will be a webinar. We are all excited about This webinar is eligible Career Virtual Meetings, Virtual Teams:for 1.5 recertification points. Career: Admin 4.0

How the Move to Virtual is Affecting Admins

trying something new and different.

DianaEFAM Wetmore2014 will beScholarship the facilitator for this April 30 - APW Luncheon event. The webinar, The Art of Stepping Leading From Where YOU Are withwill Susan Leahy, Back concentrate on MA how to gracefully step Radisonn Hotel, Corning, NY

Exams and Deadlines

May 30 - June 1 - NYS DivisionMarch Meeting

down from a leadership position and remain an 5, 2014 @1pm CST: active member. It will also discuss disconnecting

NY from technology points. in order *ThisCorning, webinar is eligible for 1 recertification

JULY 26-30 - EFAM 2014

to facility creativity, productivity, and work/home life balance. See page 8 for details


ANNUAL MEETING UPDATE I’ve often said that the coordinator has the hardest job in the Division. Annual Meeting planning is always challenging and sometimes downright frustrating. The structure of the committee lends itself to this behavioral model because we are performing work according to other people’s wishes.

tion. When not all the positions are filled, it allows other committee members to work more than one job. Typically, this process takes at least a year and often longer. The Board often finds itself signing a hotel contract before the end of the fiscal year previous to when the meeting will take place.

Each Annual Meeting has its own feel and flavor. No two are alike because no two committees are alike; no two cities are alike. The same can be said for the Board of Directors. The make-up of the Board changes year to year thus changing the group dynamic.

Stalls in the planning frequently happen as other priorities take precedence, whether they be work, IAAP, or personal. If the committee has done its job, this should not be cause for alarm because leeway should be built into the timeline. And as we all know, a looming deadline often creates the opportunity to work harder and smarter.

When a Chapter hosts the Annual Meeting, they choose a chairperson, members volunteer to work on the committee, and they hold meetings as they see fit. The vice president of the Division is the board contact to this committee and relays all planning recommendations to the Board of Directors as well as relaying the decisions made by the Board to the Chapter. When the Division hosts the Annual Meeting, it adds a twist because the committee can be comprised of members across the Division and can include Members-at Large. This makes it difficult to meet in person, which necessitates conference calls and emails as normal modes of communica-

The Annual Meeting Committee has been working to finalize the details to make this another unique experience for you. We are making plans to offer 7 recertification points for the 3 seminars that will be offered. We have some fun plans for the Open House and a special treat for you on Saturday night. You will be receiving a flyer shortly with some information about the Annual Meeting. If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]

Your Slate of Officers for 2014- 12015 President—Joann Liddy Pierce Vice president—Open Secretary—Wendy Axtell Treasurer—Linda Newell If anyone is interested in the Vice President position it is not too late to let the Nominations Committee know.. We will vote on the slate of officers at our April Membership Meeting.


SAVE THESE DATES March 3—Constructing Your Career: Admin 4.0

Board Meeting April 7—Constructing Your Career Virtual Meetings,


Virtual Teams: How the Move to Virtual Affecting Admins

April 30 - APW Luncheon Radisonn Hotel, Corning, NY May 30 - June 1 - NYS Division Meeting

Bonnie Hart—9 years Violet Wilson—12 years

Corning, NY JULY 26-30 - EFAM 2014

Information is now available on headquarters website for TEC 14 in Atlanta, GA and EFAM 2014 in Milwaukee. Check it out. There are many workshops and they are offering ? recertification points.


Leadership Skills Is it Time to Change Careers? Deciding to find a new job or career is a scary yet exciting move. A job that is intellectually stimulating, aligns with your professional goals and pays well is the gold standard, but it’s also elusive. Moreover, sometimes you don’t even know if you’re in the right career, much less where you see yourself in five years. If you’re a full-time employee, you’re likely doing your job more than anything else during the workday, including sleeping. Spending 40-plus hours a week at something you dislike can lead to resentment. Should you change careers? If you’re not sure whether your present work situation is right for you, don’t waste time by playing it safe. Evaluate your personal, financial and professional goals to see whether you should remain on your present path or change careers. 1. Personal Goals—Begin by comparing your current job or field with what you really want to do. For example, you may sit in front of a computer all day but have a passion for working directly with people. If you don’t find your work fulfilling or wonder if there’s something else that might better suit your personality, take a career aptitude test. Talk to a career counselor if you need help weighing your choices. Outside of your career path, personal goals may also include improving your work/life balance. 2. Financial Goals—Money isn’t everything, but your job or career will be more satisfying if you make enough to pay your bills and can save for the future. Knowing where you want to be financially can give you some clarity as to whether you should change careers or jobs. Factor in how much you need for yourself and your dependents, car and mortgage payments, student loans, retirement accounts, rainy day funds and future plans. 3. Professional Goals—If you’ve decided that you should change careers, the next step is to find out whether you need to get additional training, certification or another diploma. Many colleges and universities offer degree programs tailored to working professionals. If you love working in your field but have lost enthusiasm for your present job, then it may be time to look for another. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile, search job sites, and discreetly inform acquaintances and professional contacts. Consider working with a job recruiter and registering with an agency like OfficeTeam, which offers both temporary and full-time positions. As with your vocation, these goals may change over the years. Make a point to reevaluate your career every so often to ensure that you are — or end up — where you want to be.

“Leaders don’t force people to follow – they invite them on a journey.”

OfficeTeam is the world’s NEWSLETTER leading staffing service specializing in the placement of highly skilled adDEADLINE ministrative and office support professionals. The company has more than 300 locations worldwide, and offers onlinelike jobtosearch at for If you would write services an article the newsletter (criteria #3 for MOE), please send it to ### me by the 9th of the month. I would like to do at least one article every month from a member. If you have any questions, please contact Joann at [email protected]

Charles Lauer


Digital Resumes—101: Your Link to More Visibility By Julie

Perrine, CAP-OM, MBTI Certified

Gone are the days when a paper resume and well-written cover letter would suffice in applying for a new job. Today, an eye-catching professional e-portfolio — one that showcases your experience, skills, and work — is practically required if you want to set yourself apart from the pack. Innovative admins who really want to get a prospective employer’s attention take this one step further by creating a digital resume. An online resume enriches your e-portfolio, provides easy and convenient access to your information, and demonstrates your technical prowess to current and prospective employers. And, thanks to a new, innovative class of online digital resume tools, creating yours is easier than ever. If you want to make a big impression professionally, consider giving one (or all!) of these online resume sites a try. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social media platforms with more than 200 million registered users worldwide (as of January 2013). It’s also one of the most popular online resume options out there, and features profiles that look very similar to traditional paper resume. Creating your profile involves uploading your contact information, current and previous job experience, and a photo. You can also add various job skills to your profile, as well as links to personal and professional websites, such as your professional e-portfolio, other social media platforms, or a blog. Once your profile is complete, you can connect with friends, colleagues, and professional acquaintances, who can provide recommendations for work you’ve done and endorse your skills. uses the information on your LinkedIn profile to create a visual resume from your professional information. Select one of the site’s five free resume templates and connect your LinkedIn profile. imports all the information from your profile and creates a visual resume that you can download, share on social media sites, embed in a website, or link to from other digital documents, such as you professional e-portfolio. The site only imports information included in your LinkedIn profile, and doesn’t allow users to customize their visual resumes. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile or it’s incomplete, this option might not be the best for you. But if yours is complete, it’s an excellent option for creatively displaying your resume information. This free platform allows you to create a dynamic splash page that features your name, contact information, bio/resume, photo, as well as links to your social media profiles and accounts. You can choose from a variety of backdrops, customize page and text colors, and select different fonts for text. The site doesn’t require users to sign up for any other social media sites, so is an ideal choice if you don’t want to deal with multiple sign-ups or importing a lot of information. You can even order free custom cards featuring your name, info, URL, and a QR code. A digital resume is a great way to enhance your e-portfolio and provide prospective employers with easy access to your information. It’s also a quick and simple way to establish a professional digital presence while you’re working on your e-portfolio. Don’t get passed on for your dream job or a big promotion because of a lack-luster resume. Make a statement by creating a dynamic digital resume to include in your professional eportfolio!



Digital Resumes—101: Your Link to More Visibility continued

A digital resume is a great way to enhance your e-portfolio and provide prospective employers with easy access to your information. It’s also a quick and simple way to establish a professional digital presence while you’re working on your e-portfolio. Don’t get passed on for your dream job or a big promotion because of a lack-luster resume. Make a statement by creating a dynamic digital resume to include in your professional e-portfolio!

Tips on Staying Ahead in a Changing Workplace The office workplace is changing rapidly.


professionals are being given greater responsibilities. What can professionals do to adapt to these changes and maximize their value to their employers?


Assosication of Administrative Professionals® (IAAP®) offers seven tips: 1.

Become a computer software expert. Demonstrate your mastery of "office suite" software packages which typically include word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentations, and scheduling software. Learn to navigate the Internet, and gather information via the World Wide Web to further your or-

Become adept at presentation software such as Microsoft's PowerPoint . 4. Be a good teacher and leader. Many administrative professionals are training and supervising other staff. IAAP offers many opportunities to practice organizational leadership roles. 5. Become a communications hub for your workplace. Clients and vendors often judge the character of a business by the quality and efficiency of its administrative support staff. Customer service skills are critically important. Interpersonal skills (tact, diplomacy, negotiation) are also essential.

ganization's goals and to serve customers' needs.

6. Be an adept organizer and "Information Manager." Utilize

Become a "Web Master" or a Web content provider

computerized data as well as paper office records to provide

for your employer.

information needed by managers. Today's administrative

2. Actively pursue continuing education. Attend businessrelated workshops and seminars or pursue a college de-

staff increasingly conduct research and help manage projects from conception to completion.

gree program. Polish your written and verbal communica-

7. Get involved in selecting and maintaining office equip-

tions skills.

ment. Stay abreast of the types of available office equipment

3. Learn how to plan conferences and meetings. Make the meetings well organized and user friendly through good room and site selection, meeting arrangements, and audio-visuals. Understand audio- and video-conferencing.

and what is most suited to your organization. Seek out appropriate vendors. Learn to oversee equipment purchases, evaluate office supply needs, and schedule maintenance.

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