Just like a real-world fair might offer half-day tickets for those visitors with little ... and where they get their magic, and then pick up a take-home bag of tips and ...

An Afternoon at Fantasy Fair Discovering the Fun of Bright Fantasy Storytelling

Written and Illustrated by

Barbara Dubrovin


An Afternoon at Fantasy Fair: Discovering the Fun of Bright Fantasy Storytelling Copyright © 2013 Barbara Dubrovin Illustrations copyright © 2007, 2013 Barbara Dubrovin All rights reserved. The essays, stories, their characters and settings are all copyright protected. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, without prior written permission from the publisher. ISBN: 978-0-9638339-8-3 “How to Teach a Dragon to Fly,” “Key Quest,” and “How High?” copyright © 2007 Barbara Dubrovin, reprinted from Fantasy Fair: Bright Stories of Imagination, Storycraft Publishing, 2007, with permission of the author. Storycraft Books are available for workshops or classes; excerpts or special print editions can be created. Contact Sales Director at: Storycraft Publishing P.O. Box 205, Masonville, CO 80541 www.storycraft.com/co

Dedication For my mom, who sets the example and provides the encouragement to try new things

Adventures and Activities for Afternoon Visitors to Fantasy Fair Welcome to an Afternoon at the Fair! The Sprite’s Story How to Teach a Dragon to Fly Key Quest How High? Author Note: The Story Behind the Stories Secrets of Creating Bright Fantasy A List of Fantasy Story Realms Further Reading: Where Next? About the Author: Q & A With Barbara Dubrovin Index: The Lost and Found

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An Afternoon at Fantasy Fair


An Afternoon at Fantasy Fair


Welcome to an Afternoon at the Fair! Are you looking for a pleasant, inspiring brief escape that could spark your imagination? Have you wanted to be a storyteller and wondered how it is done? You’ve come to the right place! Just like a real-world fair might offer half-day tickets for those visitors with little time or budget or who aren’t sure and want a small sample day, it is now possible to come just for An Afternoon at Fantasy Fair. This Afternoon ticket gives immediate access to a few of the most popular features of Fantasy Fair: visit the Dragon’s Lair to teach a dragon to fly, or travel across the sea in a quest for the Lost Key, or use Balloon Plants to journey much farther. Travel the main path or take short-cuts to have adventures in any order, but first you might want to take an exclusive adventure available only here for Afternoon ticket holders to go along as a Story Sprite explores the world of fantasy seeking his story. From him you’ll learn a bit about Fantasy Fair and why all the stories here are bright and fun and free of horror and violence. And even though your visit to the Fair is short, you might discover that when you return home you’ve learned something about your real world, and see it a bit changed. That’s the real magic of Fantasy Fair. And the magic doesn’t end there. Before you leave the Fair, you can take a quick backstage tour for a peek at how these stories were created and where they get their magic, and then pick up a take-home bag of tips and ideas to create your own unique bright fantasies. And as a parting gift, you’ll find a quick guide for your journey through the many realms of Fantasy. Fantasy Fair is always open and your Afternoon pass allows instant entry anytime, from anywhere. Escape to the Fair in the middle of the night! It will be a bright afternoon here full of magical fun. But there’s no reason to delay longer here at the entry gate. Go on, explore! The magic of storytelling awaits you.

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