To hang up on somebody means to put the reciever down while somebody is talking. --> The telemarketer asked me too many questions, so I hung up on him. 2.


Some Expressions in English include the word “HANG”. Let’s examine some of them: 1. To hang up on somebody means to put the reciever down while somebody is talking. --> The telemarketer asked me too many questions, so I hung up on him. 2. To get the hang of something means to undestand something. Usually it’s followed by a noun or a gerund (ing). --> I’m really getting the hang of it. -> I’m starting to get the hang of driving. 3. To hang out means to pass the time, relax, usually with friends. --> What did you do on the weekend? Nothing special, just hung out at my friend’s house. 4. To be hung up on someone means to still be inlove with that person --> Jack and Jill broke up two years ago, but Jack is still hung up on her. 5. To be hung up on something means to think about something that happened a long time ago. --> Jack and Jill had a fight and Jack is still hung up on it. 6. To hang loose means to relax and stay calm. --> “Hang loose, buddy, everything will be alright.” 7. To hang on means to wait. --> ‘Please hang on,’ said the secretary, ‘I will be with you shortly.’ 8. To hang on by a thread means to anticipate a failure.--> That country has peace and democracy hanging on by a thread 9. To hang on to your hat means to prepare for shocking, big news. --> You’d better hang on to your hat before you hear my news!

hang out, hang loose, hang out, hang up on, be hung up on someone/something hang on by a thread, hang on to your hat, hang on, get the hang of something

A. I took fifteen driving lessons and I’m finally starting to _______ _______ ________ _________ it. B. My friend had a drinking problem since he was 17 years old. I told him that he will have a terrible future if he doesn’t stop drinking. He’s definitely _________ __________ _______ _______ ____________. C. I have excellent news! Are you ready to hear? Make sure you ________ _________ ________ _________ __________! D. My favourite weekend activities are going to the gym, __________ __________ with my friends, and watching movies. E. Suzy: “Are you still __________ Kim: I hate to admit it, but I am!

________ on Danny?”

F. “Please _________ ________,” said the flight attendent. You cannot get up from your seat when the seatbelt sign is on. G. Denis: “I’m so stressed lately. With work, the kids and the house, I really have no time for myself. Uma: “ Don’t worry, Dennis. All you gotta do is just _________ _________. If you really need time to relax, you’ll find it, I’m sure. Kelly and Rose are talking about Kelly’s recent fight with her boyfriend Rob. Fill in the idioms and complete the conversation. Rose: So how did you two break up? Kelly: It all started with a fight on the telephone, when John slammed the receiver in my face!

Rose: So do you mean to say that he __________ _____________ _________ ____________? Kelly: I hate to admit it, but he did! Rose: Did you call him back? Kelly. I called him back and told him to relax and calm down. I said: ‘Rob, you really need to ____________ _____________, otherwise there will be big problems in our future. I don’t like your behaviour, and you are definitely ___________ ______________ ______________ ________ _________________. Rose: You said that? and how did he reply? Kelly: You won’t believe what he said!! You’d better __________ _______ ____ ___________ _____________! Rose: Please tell me! Kelly: Well, he said.........

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