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Operating surgical specialty differs based on SMF indication, hospital, and operating surgeon preference. Objectives: To assess the effect of operating surgical ...

Sartorius Muscle Flaps by Vascular Surgeons Have Favorable Perioperative Outcomes. Department of Surgery, The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, Maryland Tammam Obeid, MBBS; Caitlin W Hicks, MD, MS; Satinderjit Locham, MBBS; Ethan, Dominguez, BS; Isibor Arhuidese, MBBS, MPH; Mahmoud Malas, MD, MHS. Background:


Out of all vascular-disease-related cases (56), plastic surgeons performed 21% of SMF, while

Total = 170 SMFs (mean age 58 years; 49% male).

vascular surgeons performed 79%. On logistic regression correcting for baseline differences

Primary indication – prophylaxis (68%), infection (21%) and non-infectious complications (11%).

between groups, vascular surgeon SMF outcomes were compared favorably to those done by

General surgeons performed the highest proportion of SMF (45%) followed by vascular surgeons

other specialties (table 1).

Complicated groin wounds often require repair by Sartorius Muscle Flap (SMF).

Operating surgical specialty differs based on SMF indication, hospital, and operating surgeon preference.

(26%), ‘other specialties’ (15%), and plastic surgeons (14%). Compared to all specialties vascular surgeons operated on the sickest patients (77% of vascular patients had ≥3 comorbidities;


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