Credits: 1 credit per semester, maximum of 2 credits ... Web Design, 7-7-14, Page 2 of 3 ... Core Standard 2 Students integrate knowledge of HTML/XHTML ...

Indiana Department of Education Academic Standards Course Framework WEB DESIGN Web Design is a course that provides instruction in the principles of web design using HTML/XHTML and current/emerging software programs. Areas of instruction include audience analysis, hierarchy layout and design techniques, software integration, and publishing. Instructional strategies should include peer teaching, collaborative instruction, project-based learning activates and school community projects.     

DOE Code: 4574 Recommended Grade Level: Grade 11- 12 Recommended Prerequisites: IT Essentials or Introduction to Communications Credits: 1 credit per semester, maximum of 2 credits Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for the General, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors diplomas  This course is aligned with postsecondary courses for Dual Credit: o Ivy Tech  VISC 110 Web Design I o Vincennes University  COMP 107 Web Page Design  COMP 113 Advanced Web Page Design Dual Credit This course provides the opportunity for dual credit for students who meet postsecondary requirements for earning dual credit and successfully complete the dual credit requirements of this course. Application of Content and Multiple Hour Offerings Intensive laboratory applications are a component of this course and may be either school based or work based or a combination of the two. Work-based learning experiences should be in a closely related industry setting. Instructors shall have a standards-based training plan for students participating in work-based learning experiences. When a course is offered for multiple hours per semester, the amount of laboratory application or work-based learning needs to be increased proportionally. Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) Career and Technical Student Organizations are considered a powerful instructional tool when integrated into Career and Technical Education programs. They enhance the knowledge and skills students learn in a course by allowing a student to participate in a unique program of career and leadership development. Students should be encouraged to participate in Business Professional of America, DECA, or Future Business Leaders of America. the CTSO for this area.

Content Standards Domain – Introduction to the Internet Core Standard 1 Students assess internet tools used to access information for base knowledge of internet functions. Standards

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WD-1.1 Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the internet WD-1.2 Access information using electronic sources WD-1.3 Identify key events in history of the WWW, Internet and Intranet WD-1.4 Analyze the affect of the Internet on society WD-1.5 Trace the history of Internet communication and commerce Domain –HTML/XHTML Core Standard 2 Students integrate knowledge of HTML/XHTML fundamentals to understand the functions of a website. Standards WD-2.1 Create and format a table on an HTML/XHTML document WD-2.2 Integrate scripting into HTML/XHTML documents WD-2.3 WD-2.4

Utilize forms in an HTML/XHTML document Identify and use appropriate HTML/XHTML elements and attribute syntax for semantic web page markup


Identify, describe, and explain the differences in HTML/XHTML DOCTYPES WD-2.6 Demonstrate knowledge and implementation of CSS through proper syntax and effective use of external, embedded, and in-line style sheets Domain – Website Development Core Standard 3 Students produce websites to demonstrate skills of website development Standards WD-3.1 Create a basic template WD-3.2 Develop website architecture, prototypes, and user interface specifications WD-3.3 Demonstrate knowledge of usability and interface design WD-3.4 Link web objects WD-3.5 Demonstrate knowledge of content management WD-3.6 Construct and maintain web pages using current editing software WD-3.7 Construct web pages using standards compliant HTML/XHTML and CSS that successfully pass validation tests WD-3.8 Design functional websites for consumer, education, and information based markets WD-3.9 Observe organized structure which demonstrates and understanding of correct pathnames for relative and absolute links WD-3.10 Implement basic website accessibility markup WD-3.11 Recognize file types and file extensions WD-3.12 Publish and maintain websites by using FTP to transfer to a server WD-3.13 Analyze and optimize graphic files for web delivery Domain 4 – Design Elements Core Standard 4 Students integrate elements and principles of design for an aesthetically pleasing and functional website. Standards WB-4.1 Identify and apply effective design solutions based on content

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WB-4.2 WB-4.3 WB-4.4 WB-4.5 WB-4.6

Discuss the importance of proper research, brainstorming, and thumbnails Evaluate the aesthetics of web design Given the target audience, the student will be able to show the importance of assessment in the advertising media industry Explain the elements of visual design unique to the commercial art and graphic design List and describe the components of a design


Apply brainstorming techniques to develop many possible solutions


Explain the human, social and environmental issues that affect the design solutions


Analyze ethical issues in choosing design solutions


Analyze the effective use of symbols, elements, principles, and media using appropriate terminology Evaluate the effectiveness of elements and principles in other design solutions and use this evaluation toward personal work Create design solutions that use specific elements, principles, and functions to solve problems and communicate ideas

WB-4.11 WB-4.12

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