What Are Some Plastic Manufacturing Methods That Rely On Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is a key component in various industries, one of them being the plastic manufacturing industry. Through various methods, nitrogen gas helps to prevent discoloration and oxidation during the manufacturing process of plastic.

What Are Some Plastic Manufacturing Methods That Rely On Nitrogen?

Overview Nitrogen is a key component in various industries, one of them being the plastic manufacturing methods,






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various prevent



manufacturing process of plastic. Additionally, it helps the plastic polymer stay strong, which is especially important when large moulds are being used. Here is a closer look at how nitrogen gas is used in plastic manufacturing and why an onsite nitrogen generator or nitrogen plant makes it all the more efficient. Plastic Manufacturing Methods That Rely On Nitrogen

A leading company that deals in nitrogen gas plant manufacture in India several different uses of nitrogen in plastic manufacturing, which are as follows: • Injection





nitrogen is used as an inert gas to displace any oxygen that is in the mold. Oxygen holds moisture, so if it is moulded into the plastics, it can lead to defects. By filling the mold with nitrogen, the manufacturers can be sure no oxygen is present. • Gas Assist Injection moulding (GAIM) – Gas assist injection moulding is a multi-step process that is used when large plastic parts are being made. The issue with larger

moulds is that the formed plastic can shrink during the drying stage. However, when nitrogen is injected into the mold, the polymer expands to fill every empty cavity and






breakdown during the cooling phase. • Plastic Extrusion – In order to create plastic pipes, tubing, etc., a process called extrusion is used. In this method, the polymer is pressed through the moulded shape to create a long, continuous form, and nitrogen gas is used to displace all oxygen. If present, the oxygen can lead to damage of both the equipment and the product being made








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