What You Should Know About PINK EYE

Sep 11, 2012 - For more information about pink eye or to find an Eye M.D. near you, visit: geteyesmart.org. If your child is infected,. ▷ Make sure they wash ...

What You Should Know About


Did You Know?

Pink eye remains contagious as long as the eye continues to tear and produce a discharge.

If your child is infected, u Make sure they wash their hands often. u Have them avoid touching their eyes with their hands. u Avoid reusing towels, washcloths, handkerchiefs, and tissues to wipe their face

and eyes. u Change their pillowcase frequently.

Your child can return to school or day care after symptoms of redness and discharge improve, or as advised by a doctor. Make an appointment with an ophthalmologist, a medical doctor who specializes in treating diseases and conditions of the eye, to determine the best course of treatment for your child.

For more information about pink eye or to find an Eye M.D. near you, visit: geteyesmart.org

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